Walwayne Court School: Classroom Monitor, our alternative to SPTO

Nick Firkins, Deputy Headteacher at Walwayne Court School explains why his school selected the new Classroom Monitor assessment platform as an alternative to SPTO:

“After the announcement that SPTO was closing we were contacted by a variety of assessment platform providers including Classroom Monitor. There was a group of local schools in a similar situation, so we organised for a few assessment platforms to come in and demo to us all as a group. This included Classroom Monitor as our Headteacher had used it before in a previous school and had found it easy to use.”

“We chose Classroom Monitor as it provided value for money, but also because it was simple. Our previous system SPTO, had got more complicated than it needed to be over the years, with lots of elements that we haven’t been using. The approach to assessment was just getting too complicated. Really, what we need to know, is whether a child is at age related expectation or not? The new version of Classroom Monitor has these basics covered; it has what the school needs without getting overly complicated.”