United Learning – Creating a central bank of performance and benchmarking data

United Learning is a large group of over 60 schools, with a mix of free schools, academies and independents spanning all age ranges across England. There are over 40,000 students in the group as a whole.

The challenge: Creating a central bank of performance and benchmarking data

United Learning’s procurement team was asked to find a way to support their schools in the move to assessing without levels in the summer of 2015. The group developed a curriculum based on a ‘mastery approach’ and the outcomes of that learning are expressed through an assessment measure known as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This would provide their education team with a central bank of performance and benchmarking data that could be used to support schools in raising standards.

Solution: Why United Learning chose Classroom Monitor

“We recommend Classroom Monitor to our schools as a tool that allows teachers to make formative assessment judgements against both United Learning and custom school KPIs. This follows a successful pilot run of Classroom Monitor in several of our schools.

“Classroom Monitor enables teachers and middle leaders to identify gaps and develop intervention groups to ensure children are not left behind. As group KPIs are updated or added, they are easily amended in the system, along with exemplification material to support them.

“The Classroom Monitor tool also allows the easy collection of evidence for internal, cluster and group moderation. It’s seen as being very usable in the classroom, with much positive feedback from teachers.

“It also supports the shift in approach to formative assessment that the United Learning Curriculum requires: Classroom Monitor should not be seen as a tool that’s just to use during data collection windows, but continuously as children achieve specific KPIs”.

James Garnett, United Learning