The King’s Junior School: replacing Excel spreadsheets with Classroom Monitor

Anne Haas, Head of The King’s Junior School explains her reasons for moving away from tracking progress with Excel spreadsheets and selecting the new Classroom Monitor assessment platform:

“We used spreadsheets for tracking including Rising Stars and Kangaroo Maths, but none of these worked together in one system – they were stored individually on different parts of the network. This made it very difficult to keep up to date and was a messy process.”

“I’ve been looking for a couple of years, knowing I needed to pull this all together, when I came across Classroom Monitor at the Independent Association of Prep Schools conference.”

“We did review another system, but it didn’t link with our management information system, whereas Classroom Monitor will synchronise our pupil and class information each night.”

“We’re looking forward to being able to import test data from the likes of InCAS, whilst also assessing against learning objectives in the markbook to provide a complete picture of attainment.”