The British School in the Netherlands – supporting their unique assessment requirements

The British School in The Netherlands is Europe’s largest international school with students of over 80 nationalities. It has three junior campuses, each making use of Classroom Monitor.

John Kett, Assessment and Progress Leader for the Junior School talked to us about the benefits of using Classroom Monitor and why he’d recommend it to other schools.

“We chose Classroom Monitor as our online assessment system due to the flexibility it offered. Having created bespoke assessment criteria based on the National Curriculum, we wanted a system that was customisable and could include the statements that we had agreed.”

“Overall Classroom Monitor fits our curriculum needs very well, being able to adapt to any adjustments and inclusions we need to make in our assessments. The Classroom Monitor technical team has supported us to ensure that we’re designing an assessment system that functions in the most efficient way.”

“This is the main reason why I would recommend Classroom Monitor to other British International Schools – its flexibility means it can be tailored to the needs of any school’s unique assessment requirements.”

John also values how Classroom Monitor supports teachers in the classroom with capturing assessments and evidence:

“Other features that attracted us to Classroom Monitor included the teacher mobile app, which teachers use on their iPads for recording regular formative assessment. They find this very helpful.”

“The option of adding evidence was another feature that we were looking for and Classroom Monitor was able to deliver. We’re able to capture visual, auditory and written evidence in an easy way to support reporting processes and teacher moderation across all year groups.”

“When it comes to reporting pupil achievement and evidence to parents, we’re able to adjust features such as language, which is also important to us as an international school.”

Crucially, the analysis tools in Classroom Monitor enable the school to act upon the assessments and evidence that are recorded in the system:

“Classroom Monitor gives us a range of reports and analysis that can be generated from teachers’ assessments and can be used to inform the next steps of learning for students.”

“We’re in the early stages of using Classroom Monitor’s many analysis capabilities, such as the curriculum tracker, to inform day-to-day teaching and learning. The pupil and group tracking options are able to produce useful information that has helped the school to identify whole school priorities.”