Pensby Primary School: moving from SPTO to Classroom Monitor

Kate Brown, Headteacher at Pensby Primary School, outlines her reasons for selecting Classroom Monitor to demonstrate and track progress.

“It was a bit of a shock when we found out that SPTO was closing. As you can imagine we had got very used to the system. We decided we needed to look at as many options as possible, in some ways this was a blessing as it started to highlight the shortcomings of our current system.”

“One of the biggest issues we had was the system not really showing progress until you approached the end of the academic year. It was also hard to find reports quickly and easily.”

“We looked at quite a few alternatives, reviewing the pros and cons of each. What swung it for us was that the other SPTO schools we were working with in the Wirral all agreed that Classroom Monitor was the favourite. This was important as we wanted to benchmark against each other using the same tracking system. This also helps by encouraging peer-to-peer support between the schools.”

“I really like the quick School Overview reports that show me everything. Its all there, click a button, you’re on, you’re done. That for us was a real pull. Our Governors like to look at our tracking system, but it was very difficult to train them up to a level to use the old system. But with the new Classroom Monitor it looks very straightforward and simple to use. Compared to SPTO, Classroom Monitor doesn’t fill me with any fear, it gives me exactly what I want.”