OTrack and me – a long term relationship

This is a romantic story about Sharon Wood and her long-term relationship with OTrack and achieving simple tracking of pupil assessments.

Early nights, nights out with friends, nights snuggled up on the sofa watching TV. And all because OTrack did the work for me!

Sharon Wood, Atherstone Nursery School

How we met

I first encountered OTrack in 2012 and it wasn’t love at first sight! I liked my old tracker, loads of sheets of paper, different colour highlighters, a calculator at my elbow…but then I got to know OTrack better. Early nights, nights out with friends, nights snuggled up on the sofa watching TV. And all because OTrack did the work for me! No more highlighters or calculators – and I didn’t miss them at all!

However I needed my data organising – groups, girls and boys, SEN, Pupil Premium – OTrack could do it all, and the helpdesk was always there if I needed a different kind of report. Analysing and comparing was a doddle. Attainment, sorted. Progress, sorted. Term on term, sorted. Nothing was impossible.

Then came the heartbreak

But then came the parting of the ways. OTrack wasn’t to blame, I left. Everything was fabulous at my new school. Everything but one thing. When it came to data and tracking I realised I was trying to recreate the same sheets, the same reports – but without OTrack doing the hard work, it just wasn’t the same. All the effort was coming from me and I wasn’t getting much back in return. I realised that I couldn’t go back to the highlighters, I needed to get back to simple tracking.

The reunion

I called OTrack. By Christmas, we were back together and it quickly became even better than before. New reports, a slick new design, the ability to see the data entered previously whilst entering new data.

When Ofsted visited, OTrack helped me to show them that we knew how well everything was going, how well prepared we were, how well we knew our cohorts, how we knew how to support them to narrow the gaps, how to intervene. And Ofsted smiled and said “Good”. They were impressed by how OTrack made it easy to have information at our finger-tips. Ofsted liked OTrack’s openness and accessibility.  With OTrack, it was a match made in heaven!

We will never part again

I needed to move on, and this time it would be Nursery School, no reception, no key stage 1, no key stage 2. Would I really need OTrack now? Could I go it alone? Ha! No chance! I wasn’t making that mistake again! It’s October half term and everything is up and running. 3 termers, 4 termers, 5 termers – all taken care of. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, OTrack surprised me with even simpler tracking! Happy Days!

Something tells me this relationship is set to continue…