Longton Lane Primary School, St Helens

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All the data is readily available and in one place.

Linda Speed, Longton Lane Primary School

Longton Lane Primary School in St Helens have been using OTrack since April 2017, we spoke to their headteacher Linda Speed, about how they have been using the system.

How does OTrack help you as a Headteacher?

All the data is readily available and in one place. We now have a robust system that easily drills down into the groups that are specific to our cohorts and from there pupils who need intervention are easily identifiable.

How does OTrack help you as a HeadteachHow does OTrack help your Senior Leadership Team?

OTrack has enabled the senior leadership team to access data more regularly and for them to be very specific in their tracking of pupils across all subjects. The easy access to a bank of reports aids their ability to look at specific groups within their Key Stages and areas.

How does OTrack help your Teachers?

The colour coding within the reports has helped all teacher to easily identify pupils who maybe at risk of falling behind. Across all subjects teachers are able to plan focused and targeted intervention to meet needs.

How does OTrack help your Governors?

The Governors have found the OTrack reports used to date easy to understand and over the last two terms they have been able to identify progress and where support is needed. They have then been able to look at interventions and see how the information triangulates.

How does OTrack help pupils and their parents?

Whilst we have not yet used OTrack specifically with parents, teachers have been able to show clearly, with the use of individual reports, areas that parents could further support pupils with.

What are the main differences between OTrack and your previous tracking provider?

The whole school is now on the same system from Foundation Stage through to Year 6, which provides obvious continuity for the staff. OTrack staff have been very supportive and are easily contactable with quick responses.

What challenges has the new curriculum and the removal of levels presented to you as a Head and your school?

Our school was very confident in using levels and as a school we have had to ensure that all staff fully understood the new curriculum and what at age related looks like across each cohort and in each subject area. It also meant we had to review our assessment system to ensure it was fit for purpose. We wanted an assessment system that was similar to our old one but would make access for staff easier.

How have the Assessing without Levels features in OTrack helped you overcome these challenges?

Previously, our data was analysed by hand and with a lot of calculator work, whereas now the easy access within in OTrack has made analysis so much easier. By using the formative assessment tracking teachers are now able to see a clear snapshot of their cohort and their needs. The ease to review groups has been a real support for teachers.

How have the staff at OTrack helped your school?

The OTrack staff are always professional and efficient, responding to queries quickly and really taking the time to explain the system and the great variety of reports to all staff.

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