Enhanced Support Service

Do you feel you have more time to support your team/focus on more meaningful aspects of your role now that you have Enhanced Support? 

For sure. I can focus on our strategic use of Sisra Observe for driving improvement in teaching and learning rather than being bogged down with the management of the system.

How would you rate the quality of the templates created by the Sisra Observe team? Has this aspect of Enhanced Support helped increase or improve the quality of data and the available analysis? If so, in what ways? 

Very good indeed. The Sisra Observe team have always listened to what I wish to achieve with a template and have advised on the best way to capture the data. This has allowed me to maximise the quality of the data that we can analyse.

How do you find the process of conveying your requirements to the Sisra Observe team? Is communication easy enough? Can you elaborate on your experience with this, please?

Very easy. Based on our requirements, the team is happy to talk on the phone or on a video call to share the screen or via email – whichever is most appropriate.

Typically, how quickly or slowly have you found your requests are actioned/completed by the Sisra Observe team? 

Very quickly – often within a day, but if there is a situation where the team need longer, they will communicate this with me.

At the beginning of the academic year, was Enhanced Support of any particular benefit? If so, in what ways? 

In setting up the system for the start of the year. Ensuring that Sisra Observe was ready to go when there were so many other draws on our time at the beginning of the year in particular.

Has Enhanced Support been useful in helping to launch or embed Sisra Observe at your school/organisation? Has it helped to encourage staff engagement with the service in any way? If so, can you please elaborate for us? 

It has helped us to launch Sisra Observe by ensuring that any changes are made promptly, whether to manage problems that arise for individual users or adapt and create new templates based on the needs of the school.

Do you think Enhanced Support has been a good value for money so far?  

Yes, based on what we have got from it – we would not have been able to embed the use of Sisra Observe so quickly without the Enhanced Support.

Would you recommend Enhanced Support to other users? If so, is there a specific type of user or situation you feel enhanceSupportrt would be particularly useful? 

Yes! I would particularly recommend it for ensuring you can maximise the use of Sisra Observe.

If you could sum up your experience with Enhanced Support so far in a sentence or two, what would you say? 

I am so glad that we decided to buy into Enhanced Support. It has enabled us to make changes, where needed, swiftly and seamlessly and freed us up to focus on what really matters – the strategic oversight of using Sisra Observe to support staff development – rather than being bogged down in the mechanics of getting to grips with the system.

Lucy Hemsley,  Assistant Head Teacher, Cheltenham Bournside School and Sixth Form