Bridging the Gap: Life Multi-Academy Trust’s Success with Sisra Analytics Part 2

When discussing Life Multi-Academy Trust's partnership with Juniper Education, Director of Learning, Teaching, and Assessment, Ben makes it clear that numbers alone cannot tell the story.  Here we look at their success story with Sisra Analytics.

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Visualising Data: A Window to Transparency 

When discussing Life Multi-Academy Trust’s partnership with Juniper Education, Director of Learning, Teaching, and Assessment, Ben makes it clear that numbers alone cannot tell the story.  

“And I’m sure people do believe what I’m saying. But when you show it on a graph, graphic, or table, it’s really stark,” he explains.  

The data visualisation tools integrated into Juniper’s system give educators a real-time snapshot of students’ behaviour. They’ve proven to be powerful in creating a tangible narrative around student achievement, making data more accessible and relatable. 

An Intuitive User Experience 

Ben raves about the intuitive nature of the software, stating,  

“You don’t need me because it’s incredibly intuitive.” Juniper’s platform takes out the guesswork, offering easy-to-use filters that allow educators to sort data for specific insights, whether about individual students, subjects, or entire cohorts. 

Addressing the Gender Gap 

The system’s capacity to filter information enables Life Multi-Academy Trust to tackle big challenges head-on. Ben points out,  

“You will have seen the national narrative around the gender gap. Using it for that has been really powerful as well.” The data analytics help identify patterns that can subsequently be addressed through targeted intervention strategies. 

The Human Element Behind the Numbers 

“For us, it’s not just about numbers. It’s about what we’re here to do, ensuring that we give children enough keys to open enough doors,”  

Ben notes passionately. When talking about the 1,100 Year 11 students who passed through the system last year, he emphasised that statistics must go beyond simply identifying high performers to flagging those who need additional support. 

Embedding Central Teams within Schools 

Bridging the gap between administrative work and frontline teaching is vital to Life Multi-Academy Trust’s ethos. Many central team members, including Ben, are embedded in schools at least two days a week.  

“All of us in the central team are embedded in the school,” he confirms.  

This close relationship ensures that the software’s capabilities and insights are translated into real-world classroom strategies. 

Collaborative Leadership and Coaching Structures 

The trust operates on a philosophy of “by practitioners, for practitioners,” where peer reviews and coaching are led by lead practitioners and heads of faculties who actively teach. Such an approach makes the day-to-day tasks and conversations between staff much more fruitful, allowing for greater cooperation and sharing of expertise. 

Network and Community Building 

Life Multi-Academy Trust has also invested in building a network of subject communities, assessment networks, and safeguarding networks, where educators come together to discuss challenges, share successes, and build solutions. 

“We have calendared meetings where we kind of share our expertise. What’s going well, what’s not going well?” Ben mentions.  

He believes this “ground-up innovation” helps to keep the focus on what truly matters: opening doors for every child to achieve their highest potential. 

Looking Ahead

The trust isn’t just resting on its laurels; much more must be done. Ben concludes,  

“We need to ensure that the number of students who don’t achieve key metrics in English and Maths isn’t as high next year.” 

The trust is well-equipped to meet these challenges with the combined capabilities of Juniper Education’s data platform and Life Multi-Academy Trust’s deeply embedded culture of collaboration and self-improvement. 

As Life Multi-Academy Trust continues to harness the power of data to enhance student outcomes, the story only gets richer. And with Juniper Education as their steadfast partner, the best is yet to come with Sisra Analytics. 

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