Reading Comprehension Question Cards


Our Reading Comprehension Question Cards have been developed to help staff structure and organise active and useful reading comprehension sessions that can help in satisfying the National Curriculum learning outcomes for each year group from 1-6.

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reading comprehension question cards

Structured, Quality-Assured Reading Comprehension Sessions

The complete set consists of 5 cards and 1 introductory card for each year group covering a range of text types and genres. Each card focusses on an age-appropriate title and includes example questions and discussion points to ensure each session is structured and effective.

By using the complete set for a year group, you will have covered the key reading comprehension skills for each year and will have exposed each child to a range of text types and genres.

Support Pupils’ Return to the Classroom

Designed by our librarians alongside expert teaching advisers, the resources can be used as part of your school’s recovery plan and support pupils’ learning as they return to the classroom.

Key Features

  • Matched to the key National Curriculum reading comprehension requirements for year groups 1-6.
  • Include a mixture of fiction (different genres and themes), non-fiction, plays and poetry in order to satisfy the “reading widely” criteria from the National Curriculum.
  • Each card follows our 5 steps to sharing pattern giving a structure to each session.
  • Easy to use including examples and page numbers.
  • Uses quality texts chosen by our expert librarians and teaching advisers. Staff can replicate the pattern using other texts.
  • Suitable for use in 1:1 interventions or in a small group reading session.
  • Include a fun activity to enhance reader engagement.
  • Support learning conversations to assist teachers in identifying exactly what their pupils know and understand and where they have gaps in learning.

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