With Sonar Tracker you get valuable insights on all your data, plus our unique termly benchmark reports so you can see how your pupil attainment compares to that of 6,000 other schools.

Primary School Pupil

Pupil tracking is much more than collecting data

Sonar Tracker is a quick and simple tool for your teachers, performing the data analysis for you to highlight learning opportunities, instantly providing the intelligence you need.

With foundations built on the back of our market-leading pupil assessment trackers (Target Tracker, OTrack, Classroom Monitor, and Pupil Asset), Sonar Tracker now takes monitoring pupil progress to the next level of understanding.

Legacy Pupil Progress Trackers
Juniper Benchmark Analysis

How effective is your school’s pupil progress tracking?

Any pupil assessment tracker should be able to let you quickly and easily understand your assessment information, to present that clearly and to save teachers time recording information.

Sonar Tracker offers you much more:

  • Automatically receive your personalised termly benchmark report comparing your pupil assessments with 6,000 other schools (in the Juniper National Dataset)
  • Model future progress to see exactly where interventions or extra support would be most beneficial with our unique “opportunities” feature.
  • Use the assessment and curriculum model that works for you – Sonar Tracker can either come fully set up ready to go or we can upload your own assessment approach in minutes. You can also use Sonar Tracker alongside our curriculum planning tool Sonar Curriculum for a fully integrated assessment and curriculum strategy.
  • Get all your staff on board – it’s online, accessible from anywhere and so easy to use.
  • Provide your staff with quality CPD – you’ll be supported by a team of education experts including STA moderators, former headteachers and education advisors to help you make the most of your assessment information and support you as required with your assessment and curriculum strategy.
  • Make evidence-based decisions with confidence – Sonar Tracker’s powerful analysis gives you intelligence not data, reducing workload and saving you time, whatever assessment model you use.

Stories of Success

Educational organisations just like yours are already benefiting from Sonar Tracker.

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