Teaching Vocabulary

This course is based on recent research and the content of the National Curriculum, both of which highlight the importance of explicitly teaching vocabulary in primary schools.

Broadening and deepening pupils’ vocabulary across the curriculum should be a key aspect of teaching and learning in all schools.

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Teaching Vocabulary

Make words exciting and accessible to learners

The session is full of ideas and practical activities aimed at making words exciting and accessible to learners.

Aspects covered include:

  • a model of vocabulary development
  • teaching sequence for introducing new vocabulary
  • developing vocabulary through texts
  • suggestions for practical activities


  • A brief look at what current research tells us about vocabulary development and the children who are most at risk of academic failure.
  • The opportunity for participants to reflect how they currently teach vocabulary and how they might do so in the future.
  • Practical ideas, which can be adapted for different age groups, which are quick and easy to implement within the classroom.

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