Juniper Education Professional Development Meetings for Primary English consists of a collection of staff meetings providing high-quality training on the teaching of English in Primary Schools.

They are designed to be delivered in school by a teacher who is experienced in the subject area or, in certain localities, a Juniper Education Teaching and Learning Adviser.

The meetings are relevant for teachers and teaching assistants and will take up to 1½ hours in one long or two shorter sessions. The meetings can be purchased individually or as a collection.

Teaching Comprehension

Teaching Comprehension

Teaching Comprehension explores the different skills readers need in order to comprehend the text they are decoding. Drawing on the National Curriculum and a range of research it identifies these skills and suggests ways in which they can be developed within a classroom. Staff will benefit most from this session if they bring along a text they are intending to use with their pupils as, throughout the training, there are a number of tasks that will be most relevant if carried out using such a text. Schools will find this high-quality comprehension training valuable for their staff.

Staff will benefit most from this session if they bring along a text they are intending to use with their pupils as, throughout the training, there are a number of tasks that will be most relevant if carried out using such a text.

In addition, they will benefit from:

  • a greater understanding of reading comprehension and the range of skills involved
  • the opportunity to apply what they have been learning by relating it to texts they will be teaching from
  • practical ideas for teaching
Teaching Grammar

Teaching Grammar

This course gives an overview of the grammar and punctuation elements of the national curriculum. The materials are designed both to consolidate subject knowledge and to provide suggestions for teaching. The session takes each of the aspects of the end of key stage Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling tests, in turn, outlining what needs to be taught and when. Schools will find this high-quality grammar training valuable to all staff.

This training, which is designed for all staff, will ensure staff have:

  • the grammar subject knowledge needed for teaching / supporting pupils across the school
  • a comprehensive look at the different aspects of grammar teaching
  • a range of practical ideas to ensure that the teaching of grammar is relevant and enjoyable.
Teaching Phonics

Teaching Phonics

Teaching Phonics covers basic aspects of phonics, including terminology and progression along with ideas for teaching. Because of the current emphasis on phonics and early reading in the new Ofsted Inspection Framework, you will find this high-quality phonics training value for your staff.

This training is designed for teachers and support staff. It will ensure all staff:

  • receive the same message about the teaching of phonics
  • understand and use key terminology
  • understand the importance of blending for reading and segmenting for spelling
  • know how and when new learning is introduced into the teaching of phonics
  • receive some practical ideas to take away and use with the pupils they teach
Teaching Spelling

Teaching Spelling

Teaching Spelling covers key aspects of teaching spelling including knowledge of our spelling system, strategies used by good spellers and suggestions for teaching. A range of practical activities is threaded through the session, designed to ensure that the teaching of spelling is engaging and meaningful. With the continuing importance of spelling in the National Curriculum, many schools are keen to access high-quality training on teaching spelling.

This training will benefit schools by ensuring that:

  • spelling is valued as an important aspect of the curriculum
  • all staff are aware of a range of spelling strategies and of ways in which they can be taught
  • teachers are provided with some practical ideas of how spelling could be taught
  • the importance of feedback, marking and assessment of spelling are considered
Teaching Vocabulary

Teaching Vocabulary

This course is based on recent research and the content of the National Curriculum, both of which highlight the importance of explicitly teaching vocabulary in primary schools. Broadening and deepening pupils’ vocabulary across the curriculum should be a key aspect of teaching and learning in all schools.


  • A brief look at what current research tells us about vocabulary development and the children who are most at risk of academic failure.
  • The opportunity for participants to reflect how they currently teach vocabulary and how they might do so in the future.
  • Practical ideas, which can be adapted for different age groups, which are quick and easy to implement within the classroom.

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