CPD – TA Specific Bundle


Our resources for teaching assistants offer crucial professional development opportunities to a highly important group of staff. The resources on offer in this library are just as suitable for those starting a career as for those looking to improve upon their existing skills.

What's Included

Classroom skills
Assessment for Learning TAs CPD
Broader Curriculum - Early Career CPD
ICT in the Classroom CPD
Managing Cover Lessons CPD
Marking and Feedback CPD
Positive Behaviour TAs CPD
Speaking and Listening TAs CPD
Starting Invigilation CPD
Stop Cheat CPD
Storytelling CPD
Classroom skills
Supporting EAL Learners CPD
Supporting HPA Students CPD
Supporting Literacy TAs CPD
Working as a TA CPD
Personal Wellbeing and Support
Being Resilient CPD
CPD Explained
Education Issues CPD
Relaxation CPD
Stress and Wellbeing CPD
Team Leaders CPD

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