Lexplore Analytics


Lexplore Analytics is a unique AI reading assessment, which uses eye-tracking and machine learning technology to offer new insight into reading, assured by the British Dyslexia Association.

The assessment is as simple as it is effective and remarkably takes just 2 to 5 minutes per child!

Children read two short passages of text from a monitor with an eye-tracking device attached, one will be read out loud and one silently. Passages are then followed by some comprehension questions. Machine learning analysis is then able to provide teachers with immediate and accurate results, without the need for time-consuming marking, paperwork or the manual uploading of results.

Lexplore Analytics


Lexplore Analytics’ assessment not only helps identify children with reading difficulties, such as Dyslexia before they have even developed their full communication skills but also enables teachers to accurately assess children with extremely low literacy capabilities.

The assessment has also been able to offer a fresh perspective when it comes pointing to children’s specific problem areas, some of which can be easily addressed, such as issues with reading speed, difficulties with certain sounds, or simply a lack of confidence with reading aloud.

Teachers are able to see a unique visualisation of each child’s reading process and for the first time what reading silently looks like.


Personalised learning through effectively determining reading attainment levels.

Saves time and resources through minimal administrative input.

Early intervention providing pupils with tailored support whilst they are still learning and refining their language skills.

Accurate assessment for EAL pupils helping teachers to identify which pupils find reading difficult regardless of their fluency in English.

Alleviates subjectivity by looking at a pupil’s spontaneous and unfiltered reading process, without the influence of external factors.

Evidence-based assessment through 30 years of evidence and research.

Improved equality by effectively assessing the reading attainment of all pupils in a school or LA in exactly the same way.

Data-driven instruction through results that help teachers immediately provide data-driven interventions specifically tailored to their pupil’s individual needs.

Improved performance enables schools to quickly and objectively analyse reading attainment, so they can provide interventions at a very early stage and give every student the opportunity to learn and perform to the best of their ability.

Future proof technology is continually developed, so your school can benefit from the latest research in the field.


We’re thrilled to partner with Lexplore Analytics and offer new insight into reading through their unique AI reading assessment.

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