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Complete Mathematics is everything you need to teach, learn and assess mathematics.

Pick content from a complete mastery curriculum for all age groups. Then use the in-built support materials, at the board examples, intelligently varied practice and unlimited dynamic quizzes to boost your teaching, whether you are in class or remote.

The pupil portal allows for both teacher-led activities, set by you, and for pupil-led exploration and self-assessment.


Complete Mathematics contains support and pedagogical advice linked to over 1,600 mathematical ideas covering each and every topic of the maths curriculum all the way from counting to calculus. So, if you are teaching some mathematics for the first time and want some inspiration, or you are simply looking for some relevant resources, Complete Mathematics has you covered.

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Ensure consistency of teaching and learning by creating your own adaptable schemes of work for each class, then using them as a basis to plan lessons on a virtual timetable accessible both at home and in school by teachers and pupils alike.

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Every single question a pupil answers on Complete Mathematics is tracked and mapped against the curriculum. This data is presented to teachers so they can see exactly where in the curriculum their pupils are doing well, where they can improve, and their progress over time.

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All quizzes are automatically marked and Complete Mathematics teachers report an average time saving of 40% on lesson planning. So you have the time to concentrate on putting the insight provided into practice through more targeted and impactful teaching.

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Use Complete Mathematics as your own bespoke resource bank, combining your tried and tested resources with the huge library available on the system.

Complete Maths


  • A fully mapped curriculum – primary, secondary and FE
  • For every single mathematical idea in the curriculum there is:
    – Pedagogical notes & common pupil misconceptions
    – Related mathematic models and didactics
    – Related resources to use in class or at home
    – Example Questions & other supporting materials
    – Tutorial videos for pupils to watch independently
  • A lesson planner (put the curriculum to use)
  • Pupil Assignments
  • Assessment generation and diagnostic quizzes
  • Results tracking and analysis
  • Whole school analytics
  • Digital manipulatives
  • A timetable planner
  • A comprehensive pupil platform


We’re delighted to partner with cutting-edge technology and leading thinkers at Complete Maths.

We can offer Juniper customers a Complete Maths annual subscription, for unlimited teachers and unlimited pupils, for a discounted price of just £850 (+VAT).

This price also includes Beta Complete Science for the next academic year!

One annual subscription,
Unlimited teachers,
Unlimited pupils