Please find below information for Admin users on how to delete comments from last year’s reports so they are blank for teachers to use this year, as well as some information to support setting up the reports for this year.

Deleting comments from last year’s reports – Admin users only

Did you export your reports to Word or print them last year?

No – Primary – You may want to export them now before deleting comments. It is worth noting that although the comments will be as they were last year, the Assessments in the ‘Effort and Attainment’ and ‘Other Subjects’ Tables, Curriculum Targets, and Attendance will be current so will not relate to the same time period as the teacher comments. You can either export them like this or, use Parent Report Options to remove these elements from the report, export each year group and then put them back for this year. Please contact the helpline (or email us so we can call you back) if you’d like someone to talk you through this.

EYFS – n/a unless you have current Reception children who had a nursery report, in which case all the information is current so it is too late to export them as they were.

To export reports to Word (a year group at a time makes sense – you might want to set up Year Group folders on your computer ready to save them into).

  • Click on Home > Pupil Selection to choose a year group
  • Primary Reports > Parents > Parent
  • Click on pupil and choose one so you can see what the reports look like (you may have removed some elements – see above)
  • Click on File > Export > Export Parent Report > Word – you can choose to export the whole cohort (which will be the year group you chose) and save them in a particular folder on your computer.

Yes – It is possible to permanently delete comments added to parent reports for EYFS and Primary Steps.

To do so ensure you are logged in as an Admin user and choose File – Options. Then click the Comments button in the School section. Comments may be deleted for all year groups or specific year groups but not specific classes or filters.

*Important – Deleting comments is not reversible.*

Setting up Parent Reports for staff use for this year

Our Parent Reports have many options most of which must be chosen by an Admin user prior to the teaching staff adding in their comments. We have created guides, accessed from the links below, to help you to work through these options, along with some example reports for your reference.

Primary Parent Report Guide
Example Primary Parent Report
EYFS Parent Report Guide
Example EYFS Parent Report

If you have any questions, or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email us.

Specific Guidance for the unusual circumstances in Summer 2020

The DfE have recently provided some clarification around what should be included in reports to parents.

In summary:

Headteachers have a statutory duty to prepare annual reports for parents before the end of the summer term. The report must start from the day after the last report was given or the date of the pupil’s admission to the school (whichever is more recent), and must cover:

  • brief particulars of achievements in all subjects and activities forming part of the school curriculum
  • comments on general progress
  • details of how parents can arrange a discussion about the report with their child’s teacher

Showing attendance in a Parent Report in 2020

Current DfE guidance – from the above document states;

The Department for Education (DfE) intends to remove the requirement to report pupils’ attendance data for the 2019 to 2020 academic year, in recognition of the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the possible attendance. This change remains subject to the necessary legislation being made. A further update will be provided as soon as possible.

An Admin user can remove the attendance section using the ‘Parent Report Options’ tab > General and untick attendance.

Using the Effort and Attainment table

As schools typically last entered data into Target Tracker back in March, this table on the parent report will be inaccurate if viewed in terms of ARE as Summer 2 expectations are applied.

Therefore, we would like to outline here the options you have so you can decide which will work best for you;

Option 1: Keep the table but choose to display attainment as a step – Parent Report Options > Effort and Attainment Table > Show steps table (you might want to send an explanation of this to parents.)

Option 2: Remove the table – Parent Report Options > Effort and Attainment Table > Show none and report attainment and progress in general terms within the comments written by teachers.

Option 3: Remove the table – as above and use the Individual Assessment Summary report – Primary Reports > Parents > Ind Assessment Summary* to create a separate ARE table, which enables you to;

  • choose the last term you recorded assessments (the ARE will match)
  • add subjects to the table
  • choose to include or remove the chart that shows progress from Sum 2019
  • remove attendance
  • print these, a class / year group at a time and include with the parent report or export them as images to be inserted into the Word versions of the parent report.

*It is worth noting that this report does not save these changes, so they need to be applied at the time of printing / exporting. It also does not include an effort column.

Using the ‘Other Subjects’ table

This should only be used to report effort judgements – Parent Report Options > Other subjects > Include table and Include Effort Column. You can choose to not include it at all.

Lisa Hibbert

Lisa Hibbert

Lisa has worked in education for over 20 years including as a teacher and in leadership positions. She has been part of the Juniper Education Customer Success Team supporting schools in their use of Target Tracker for the last 5 years.