Building cyber resilience in education

Secure Schools is a team of cyber security experts and educationalists with a passion to empower schools with technology and help to keep children and young adults safe in education. They enable schools and trusts to take a risk-based approach to cyber security, with risks identified by UK Government combined with their own assessments. In 2019-2020, Secure Schools was selected for the National Cyber Security Centre’s Cyber Accelerator programme which was launched to support the UK’s National Cyber Security Strategy.

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Cyber Security audit reviews as part of your Internal Scrutiny Programme

A full breadth of financial and non-financial risks are now required to be assessed as part of your trust’s Internal Scrutiny Programme. Including a cyber security review in your programme provides your trust with independent, expert assessments on your cyber risks and action plans to improve cyber resilience.

With many school staff and pupils working from home or remote learning, there have been increased levels of cyber related fraud over the past twelve months so a cyber security review could not be more relevant.

Review Process

Secure Schools will send through a pre-audit questionnaire and explain the process so that your school or trust can prepare and allocate resources in advance of the review date.  Several focus areas are included in the review from management and governance of cyber security to security testing, auditing and assurance.

Secure Schools establish the level in which your school or trust is fulfilling its duties and responsibilities concerning cybersecurity with a set of standards including expectations set by UK government agencies. The sources and schemes that have been combined to create the standard for the review are; Department for Education (DfE), Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and IASME Consortium.


A full report will be provided to your trust at the end of the review, which can be used by trustees to put together an action plan to address any recommendations made. The report can also be incorporated into your internal scrutiny summary to be submitted to the ESFA with your financial statements.

Build cyber security through expert training and guidance

Secure Schools offer a range of training opportunities and guidance on top of their Cyber Security Audit to keep schools cyber safe.

Training opportunities range from IASME Governance Self-Assessed Certification, Phishing Simulation and Cyber Essentials to ensure cyber security confidence in your school or trust. Training opportunities include:

Cyber Essentials Self-Assessed Certification

Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

IASME Governance Self-Assessed Certification

IASME Governance Audited Certification

Phishing Simulation

External Vulnerability Scanning

Internal Vulnerability Scanning

Training Module – Password Security

Training Module – Phishing

Training Module – Remote Working

Training Module – Cyber Hygiene

Training Package – School Cyber Security Passport

Build cyber resilience in your school or trust with Secure Schools. Speak to our team: