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Science Fiction Adventure – Can Beth and her friends navigate through treacherous skies to reach safety?

They’re a million miles from home. And someone is lying to them.

The transport ship Orion is four months out of Earth when catastrophe strikes – leaving the ship stranded in deep space.

With incredible twists and turns and an action-packed story, this is a thrilling unputdownable adventure.

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Paarth, Kegs

This book was great…no dare I say it…perfect! I have always loved science fiction media and this book does not disappoint. The characters are well built up and the plot is engaging. I was not able to put the book down and read it all in one go. The only thing bad about this book is that there is no sequel. 10/10 would recommend for anyone!

Matthew, Moulsham High School

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was so exciting I struggled to stop reading. The amount of plot twists in the book, I found myself raring to find how it ends. So many things went wrong, I could hardly imagine a happy ending! 10/10. I would recommend for everyone.

William Kegs

This has been my favourite book of them all so far. When reading my favourite books I will read for 60 minutes and get through 150 pages without looking up, this was one of them. Absolutely brilliant. I don’t usually read sci-fi books but after this one I will definitely be reading more!!!

Freddie, Moulsham High School

This book is amazing.

I might be a slow reader but this book makes me want to read faster. I haven’t even finished it yet but I still love it! It’s funny, it’s adventurous and I love space (even tho’ it is a deadly, black vacuum). My question for the other is what was your inspiration and why space?

Will Moulsham High School

I have really enjoyed this book. It has been a big mystery and I didn’t want to put it down. This book was amazing and was broken up into little pieces to not give it away too early. I would recommend this book to anyone!

Lilliana, Moulsham High School

This book was beyond amazing. The character build up was engaging and the story was incredibly creative. loved this book and couldn’t put it down until it was too late to stay up. I’ll admit the first chapter wasn’t the most engaging, but as soon as I got past that it was so hard to put it down. I would love to see a second book!

One question I have for the author is what inspired the character ‘vihann’?

I would definitely recommend this book. 10/10!

Selinna, Moulsham High School

I really enjoyed this book. It was exciting and very suspenseful. There was loads of plot twists which made it extremely interesting.

I don’t usually read Science Fiction but this was awesome. I would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone!

One question I have for the author is how did you get your inspiratiom?

Sofia, Moulsham High School

I really enjoyed this book with it’s many plot twists and the tension building up was both engaging and frustrating as I wanted to know what was yet to come. It was action-packed and although I dont usually enjoy science fiction books, I was not let down by this.

One question for the author is what should the crew do in a sequel?

Tom, Moulsham High School

I really liked Orion Lost with all the different plot twists and a lot of expected problems. I never wanted to put it down. I really liked the sci-fi themd and how it was set in space. I give it 10/10 as I loved it. Please tell me when a sequel comes out? Have you written any other books?


This book is amazing, its probably even more than that! Its absolutley fantastic, mindblowing. All the characters were amazing and each had different roles. The plot was brilliant and kept me occupied on the weekends. I would highly recommend this book for 10+ years old and those who especially love space and sci fi. I was never into sci fi until today. 9/10

Olivia M @mhs

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The relatable situations and sense of mystery and adventure kept me going. This book was so hard to put down that i read it in a total of 2-3 hours. AMAZING WOUlD THOROUGHlY RECOMMEND TO ALL!!!! My question to the author would be what inspired such a massive plot twist and turn in the book and storyline

Frank KEGS

The plot here was simply sublime , with lots of mystery and twists and turns and immensely captivating. Although I didn’t find the characters themselves particularly interesting, the amazing plot pulled me through to the end. This was greatly helped by the mystery in there. A really compelling book with an astonishing storyline, that’s slightly let down by underdeveloped characters. 9/10

Sophie, Great Easton Primary School

This book is a brilliant sci-fi story that every child would love. With an unforeseen storyline and filled to the brim with adventure, I would definitely recommend it to others.

Megan MHS

Oh my goodness, this book was amazing and some! I don’t usually choose to read science fiction, it’s not my favourite genre, but this book was definitely an exception. It’s an exciting tale of 6 ordinary children using teamwork and willpower to overcome all of the obstacles that are being thrown at them, but they don’t always get it right. One of the best things about it is the brilliant techniques the author used for intensity and tension, I really felt like I was on board a space ship millions of miles from our solar system having plot twist after… Read more »

Kylesh A, KEGS

This is a suspenseful story about 6 children trying to navigate their way home, but with some obstacles along the way!

I normally do not enjoy sci-fi books, but this one was extraordinary.This book kept me on the edge of my seat and is constantly full of suspicion as you don’t know who to trust. I would rate it 10/10.

Luke, Great Easton Primary School

It was really good. It had lots of twists. You never knew who to trust. There was a wide range of characters. You could never really see the plot before it happened – it wasn’t predictable. All the bad characters had something to gain from what they were doing. They weren’t just cardboard cut-out evil villains. I liked that they saved themselves – it looked like a hero figure was going to save them but then he turned out to be evil so they had to do it themselves. I thought it was clever how the author got the grown-ups… Read more »

Sushant L KEGS

What an amazing book this is. I was reading non-stop and just couldn’t let go of it. This book is definitely a competitor. Especially the twist.

The author definitely should consider writing a sequel. If so, I can’t wait for it.

Nipun I. KEGS

Beth is on board the Orion, with her family, on a journey to their new life chapter- Eos Five, a dwarf star where they would let life settle. The distance means that they are forced to continuously perform Jumps, and travel faster. But when one of these Jumps goes mysteriously wrong, Beth and her friends are on the task of saving the crew! The problem is: somebody is lying to them, and doing this becomes much harder… I must say, this is an amazing book! The author has involved so many twists in the main plot itself, that the sense… Read more »

Oscar, KEGS

This is a fantastical tale about a handful of children on a mission to save their family on a spaceship (funnily enough located in space!)
A sci-fi thriller, this book really hit the mark. Chisholm’s writing style is superb, always building suspense and tension. However, I do not like the cliff-hanger that the book ends on, and I hope Chisholm writes a sequel! A solid 9/10!


Great space-themed book. Science fiction books are a very good theme of books.

Olivia Clayton hall academy

I did not like this book at all. It moved extremely slowly and nothing happened in the first few chapters apart from the main character walking around. I really gave this book a chance but gave up halfway through. Would not recommend to anyone, especially people who like a fast pace book.

Bala, CCHS

Orion’s Lost is such a spectacular book! I couldn’t even put it down once I’d started reading it. Even the front cover intrigues me, from the first page it sucks me into this whirlwind of mystery and adventure. Its riveting plot twists and cliff hangers leave me wondering what would happen next… I wish I could keep reading this forever! I myself am not a big fan of Science Fiction, but this book has to be an exception, I haven’t read anything as captivating as this in such a long time. Now I am looking forward to reading more books… Read more »

Vihaan KEGs

Orion lost is an intriguing, science-fiction book. It is a great read and an unputdownable journey through the cosmos. Some parts of the story are overly fictitious to swallow; others make your nerves twitch with apprehension. I enjoyed reading the book very much and would rate it a solid 8 or 9/10. If you are the type of person who loves mystery and trickery, then this is the book for you.  

Daniella, Year 7 - Harris Academy Ockendon

Orion lost Overall, my opinion about Orion Lost was that it was that it was quite pulling; however, at the same time, it wasn’t very clear. The explanation (for my accusation was that the author – Alastair Chisholm – should have described how the jump worked more thoroughly, as the words he used wasn’t enough to picture the image in my mind. As the consequence, I had half or less of an Image, making me have to read the sentence a couple of times for me to absorb the description. Luckily, with each passing chapter, the sentences were linking each… Read more »

Edith Moulsham high school

This book is very exciting all though it does leave it on a cliff hanger a sequal would be great recommended for sure.

Katie. Clayton hall academy

Orion lost is a good book i found it entertaining and fun i would recommend it to all people
it is a bit slow moving but its a good book 10/10

Alexa, CCHS

This book was amazing and I could not put it down! The book cover had not appealed to me but now that I’ve read it it’s my favourite out of all the ones I’ve read so far. This just goes to show you should never judge a book by its cover.

Rhys clayton hall academy

What an amazing book best book ever such a plot twist

Grace, Hockerill Anglo European College

This story is about a ship, and six courageous children who learn to work together and fix their problems as they travel through space. There are many twists and turns in the story such as people turning evil when you thought they were nice and secrets about the videshi… The story covers the adventures over many months of the children, with Beth being the main character and leading them on their way. The story is quite unusual as it is set in the future, but it is an insight into what might be possible later on in life! For me,… Read more »

Annabel, HAEC

The story is about a group of friends who get stranded in space when their transport ship, Orion, is struck by catastrophe. They face a lot of difficulties and obstacles on their journey to get their parents bac. Orion Lost is an unusual story because of its twists and turns, it was not easy to predict ad had a captivating plotline. This book’s whole plotline occurs over about a year, starting in a slow manner as it introduces the characters and their situations etc., which probably covers about four months (although this was not clearly stated) whilst we watch them… Read more »

Sterling Hockerill Anglo-European College

The Orion lost is a book about teamwork, problem solving and space catastrophe. The Orion lost highlights the need for working together and perseverance. This story is about a girl, Beth (the main character) who goes on a trip into space with lots of people searching for the coveted Eos 5. They come across many problems and the children on the ship have to work together to save the ship and the unconscious adults. This book lasts over the duration of 3 months in the desolate empty space full of challenges. This unusual book, is a sci-fi thriller. It features… Read more »

LIam, Hockerill Anglo-European college

The plot of this story is about the journey of a select group of people on their way to colonise a planet. However, whilst on rout, something unexpected happens and the only people awake on the transport ship are a group of kids. The story happens through the course of six months. The story is unique and unusual because the plot of the story is unrealistic however very creative and the author has used his imagination. The story starts off slow however when the dilemma is caused the story becomes intense and exciting. The main characters in this story are… Read more »

Lily Rutkin - Hockerill Anglo European College

Orion Lost Book Review    Orion Lost is a story about a journey of people on their way to a planet however, one day something goes wrong, and the only people awake happen to be children. From then on it is up to them to control the ship.  I enjoyed reading this story because it had an interesting opening and drives you in to want to read more and know more about the story. I found this book very exciting and fascinating as it featured unrealistic scenarios meaning I got to use my imagination and travel to a whole new world through a book which was very thrilling.  This book compared to… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Lily Rutkin - Hockerill Anglo European College
Scout, Hockerill Anglo European College

ORION LOST BOOK REVIEW I am going to give you a short introduction to this story. In the story 6 children end up trying to save the ship that is taking them on a cruise. Lots of Families are on the Orion Lost (the ship) for the tour of space. Some weird and unexpected mysteries and challenges find their way to the 6 children. The children are forced to work together and solve the obstacles in their way. They have different personalities but work with each other to overcome each other differences and try to save the day. The story… Read more »


Introduction   I am reviewing the book Orion lost by Alistair Chisholm. This book is great for people who love science fiction and adventure stories.    Plot  The story is about a group of children who are travelling through space to get to a new planet. Then four months in aliens attack and a jump fails and their parents are put to sleep and someone is lying to them. This is an unusual story because it includes strange ideas and twists. This all takes place over a few months maybe even a year and the story starts in quite a slow way just introducing the characters. The events of the story… Read more »

Jemima Hockerill Anglo-European College

What happened in the story? This story is about a few teenagers who try to save the spaceship. Orion Lost is a story about a group of children who find themselves stuck in space after an ‘incident’ that leaves all the adults on board in sleep stasis. The group must learn to pull together and set aside their differences to save everyone on board, with the help of a rather overly helpful ship computer. But there are secrets and lies aboard the Orion, and newly appointed captain Beth must face her fears and step into her full potential to protect… Read more »

Al Hockerill

I have read a book called Orion lost and I quit liked it the book ,is about a girl called Beth when she goes to space with her family, this is unusual for what reason will they need to go to space and also bring there daughter.  All the disasters in the story was corsed by them just being in space.  The main character in the story is Beth.  I would describe Beth as a girl who wants to get everything done, she is very caring but can also be vicious like in a way and snap at people quite easily.  My favrite part in the book was when they found the Vindeshe weapon.  I would give this book 4 star because the start of it… Read more »

Ethan Hockerill

This book review is about explaining my thoughts and opinions on the book Orion lost. I think that it was a very good book and that it was extremely interesting. This story is about a group of colonists who are travelling to a distant planet, but a very powerful weapon was smuggled on board. During a jump, space pirates attacked the ship in an attempt to steal it. This caused almost everyone to remain asleep. A group of children are left in charge of an entire spaceship. The main characters are Beth Lauryn and Mikkel. There are other characters in… Read more »

Hockerill Anglo european school

Orion lost is a very interesting and unique book. Reading the book really changed my views on how you should not judge someone by there appearance. It is a very is to get lost into the book and it has a very unexpected twist. Beth went on a space holiday with her family but then everything went wrong, and we soon find out that ship was lying to them. The story was about a girl who went to space and produce to herself that she could be a leader. The story lasted about 6 months in total. The introduction to… Read more »

Alex Hockerill Anglo European College

The story was about a group of kids whose parents are the crew of the ship, but when an emergency jump is triggered, the crew cannot get to the sleep pods in time and they are placed in a coma. The ship is in disrepair and the children have to become the crew and get the ship to a nearby colony to bring them back. An unusual thing about this story is an unknown amount of time passes as the characters have their memory wiped multiple times so its unknown how much time passes while they were in the time… Read more »


Book review of the Orion lost. This story is about a ship called the Orion which has been out of the earths atmosphere for 4 months, when tragedy struck. The Videshi/Captain Kier quickly switched sides and caused the catastrophe to happen. I didn’t enjoy this book but at the same time I did as[A(1]  it not something I am really interested in and I kind of felt like the same things were happening over and over again, the start of the book is usually supposed to pull you in to carry on reading the book, as this book really didn’t catch… Read more »

christian, hockerill anglo european collage

Hello reader. The book I read, Orion lost, is about a young girl flying through space with her family and a large group of other people trying to get to a colonized planet, like earth. I found this very interesting but unusual at the same time as there is no planet that we as humans can survive on (that we can reach or know of.), so I think that it could be more realistic by making it so that they are coming back from mars, this would be more realistic, but it would also make it less fun and interesting.… Read more »

samson hockerill

Orion lost book review In this book review I will be reviewing Orion lost by Alistair Chisholm, it is a sci fi novel about children who get lost in space when on their way to their new home  This story is about a group of settlers whose spaceship breaks mid journey leaving just the children and the AI interface alive onboard, their task is to get home by fixing the ship and working together. This is unusual because many ships have done this before and they haven’t broken down so no one was expecting to be put into this situation.… Read more »

George, Hockerill Anglo-European College

Orion Lost Book Review Intro In this book review I will be reviewing Orion Lost by Alastair Chisholm this is a modern space sci-fi book. This story is interesting and captivating, and keeps the reader guessing. Read below for more. Plot This story is about space travellers going to set up a new human colony on the planet Eos 5 when they become stranded in space it’s up fellow space travelling kids Beth, Mikkel, Lauryn, Vihaan and Lucille to get them home.  Characters The main characters are captain Kier, Beth, Arnold, Lucille and Vihaan. They all have different strengths and… Read more »

Eleanor, Hockerill Anglo-European College

Plot: The story is about a transport called “Orion” 4 months away from earth. When disaster strikes, it is up to 13-year-old Beth and her friends to reach safety! This is an unusual book because not many children are in charge of a ship! This story happens over a few months.  The story begins in an exciting way. The events of the story follow on from each other from one another by describing the events that happen whilst trying to save the ship from disaster. The writer’s purpose is to engage the reader’s attention at the start of the book… Read more »

Hanako- Hockerill

Orion Lost is a science- fiction book. This is because it uses science (the space ship, and all the methods they use to navigate space) that is not real/ currently possible (Eos 5 is not a real place that we know of and we cannot do ‘Jumps’). In the book, the main characters and many others are on the spaceship, Orion, to go to the planet Eos Five to colonise it- but something goes wrong so only 6 people, children, are left to take care of the ship and it’s people and get back to Earth. This is not a… Read more »

Ethan Hockerill

My opinion on the book Orion lost Introduction Welcome to my book review of Orion Lost an adventure fantasy book and science fiction This book is a great book and this is my review on it. Fist the plot of the book, The story was about a young girl called Beth who learns how to be a good captain and meets many friends through her journey in space. She finds out that the ship is evil and is a space whale and is betrayed in space as well. This story was over the course of six months. I reckon the… Read more »

Sophie CCHS

Secluded in my room, reading this book gave me a sense of depseration and loneliness felt by the characters. It absorbed me with its clever wording and plot twists, and I couldn’t keep my hands off it. Thrilling, adventure for all ages and I would recommend to anyone wishing to get lost…