What does a deputy headteacher do on their return to school after half term?
Kathryn Day reveals what she has to deal with before 09:30 on a Monday morning.

It’s been the usual return to work after the half term break – checking in with the staff to make sure that everything’s OK for the start of a new half term and sorting out any issues before the children and parents arrive (the photocopier always seems to jam at 08:15 on a Monday morning), greeting the children and hearing all about their half term adventures, and dealing with emails. The content ranges from liaising with an external company who’s providing much needed training for us on ASD, to dealing with communications from outside agencies around safeguarding and SEND, and catching up with news and research.

But there are two items that really catch my attention:

DfE’s consultation on Early Years Foundation Stage Reforms

The first is the DfE’s consultation on Early Years Foundation Stage Reforms. The consultation is based on the findings of a small pilot. At first glance, the proposed changes seem to make sense (clearer ELGs, reduced workload meaning staff can spend more time with children) but I need to discuss it in more detail with our EYFS Lead and SLT before responding, especially the question about children’s preparedness for Key Stage 1.

Early Reading and the Education Inspection Framework

The second is Ofsted’s blog on “Early Reading and the Education Inspection Framework” which has some interesting feedback from inspections under the new EIF. Another discussion for SLT this week. Hope you’re all off to a good start!

Kathryn Day

Kathryn Day

After leaving behind careers in the wine trade and archaeology, Kathryn Day has worked in various education roles across both primary and secondary for nearly 20 years. She’s been a secondary ICT teacher and subject leader, a local authority computing adviser, a local authority school improvement adviser and a primary school deputy headteacher. Kathryn is Director of Training and Development at Juniper Education.