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A Few Pointers for School Visit Leaders

By October 22, 2019April 17th, 2020No Comments

With the new academic year well underway, a few pointers for school Heads / Educational Visits Coordinators (EVCs) and Visit Leaders to note:

  • Your School Visits Policy should be current and if using the EVOLVE system, a copy of this policy must be uploaded to evidence compliance for all maintained schools and should also be uploaded to facilitate monitoring for all non-maintained schools.
  • The OEAP national guidance is a website for all schools to access advice and guidance on a huge range of queries relating to Educational Visits. Please use this resource to support your schools to meet national standards for H&S on Educational Visits. oeapng.info
  • All schools should note the following guidance to ensure a suitable H&S system for managing school visits is in place: ‘Basic Essentials’ document oeapng.info/download/1046/
  • Need to check out providers for educational visits? Another useful resources for all schools is the Kaddi.com website. Discover if they hold the LOtC Quality Badge and look at the reviews completed by visit leaders who have used the provider and have completed a ‘trip adviser’ type review.

Training for EVCs, Visit Leaders, School Critical Incident Support Teams
For further information, contact educational.visits@junipereducation.org

Norberto Fusi

Norberto Fusi

Norberto is the Educational Visits Adviser for Juniper Education. He has worked in secondary schools for 11 years and managed a residential Education Centre for Essex County Council for 20 years. Over the past 11 years, Norberto has been a member of the Outdoor Education Adviser Panel (OEAP), an assessor for the LOtC Quality Badge, and associate adviser for EVOLVEAdvice.