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Nicki’s HR Knowhow – Think About Wellbeing and Workload

By October 4, 2019 October 22nd, 2019 No Comments

It is a notoriously difficult nut to crack.  Wellbeing is a very personal matter – affecting people in different ways, at different times and for different reasons.

It is well documented that workload is the key reason cited by teachers leaving the profession, and the impact on staff wellbeing, recruitment and retention are clear to see.  Add to this the 2019 Ofsted Framework focus on workload and wellbeing and it has never been more important for schools to address these issues.

Begin by starting the conversation.

  • Understand where your staff are – through surveys, staff meetings and one to ones
  • Ensure your culture is one in which staff feel able to admit they are struggling and to ask for help, without fear of recrimination
  • Raise awareness and signpost support

And remember, this is a whole school issue, not one management can solve alone.

  • The whole workforce needs to be engaged in finding solutions
  • Governors need to be engaged and not add to the burden by their own practice, expectations and decisions
  • Managers need to reflect upon their own wellbeing and lead by example

There is no one size fits all or overnight solution to the issue of wellbeing – it needs to be an everyday consideration, not a time limited project.   The important thing is to make a start.

For further information and support you may find it helpful to refer to our flyers on:

In a future edition, we will develop this theme with a look at mental health in the workplace.