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“A major challenge at the moment for any school is to stand out from all the new competition to attract parents and students.”

SMT Magazine

Marketing is an important and often overlooked aspect of any school development plan. Effective marketing can help you to raise the profile and reputation of your school, improve communications with parents and key stakeholders, attract more students, assist with teacher and staff recruitment and promote important events.

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Marketing Strategy

We’ll help you refresh and unpack your school’s unique selling points and strengthen your market position.

Website Development

We’ll ensure your website is user-friendly, up-to-date and compliant with Ofsted.

Social Media

Learn how to utilise social media to engage with a wider audience.

Public Relations and Business Continuity

From school closures to major incidents, identify when, how and who to send communications to.

Design and Print Services

Prospectus, newsletters, posters, banners and stationery