Managing Budgets, Maintaining Provision

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The impact of a good lesson can last a lifetime.

For that reason, quality teaching and effective learning is at the heart of what schools do. Each activity a school undertakes must contribute to providing quality lessons for every child, regardless of age and ability. Accordingly, learners’ improvement, and their successes in matching their potential, represent the headline of school performance.

Beneath the headlines, however, managing budgets, well-being, safeguarding and serving a wider community are also priorities in schools. Each of these additional foci will absorb time and resources that might otherwise be devoted to quality teaching and learning. Even the best run schools will occasionally find themselves diverting attention away from lessons and putting it into these equally pressing matters instead.

In the current educational landscape, winning back the time, resources and energy for fantastic teaching is a priority. With time and money often in shorter supply than ever before, schools need to find ways to maintain their teaching provision above all else whilst still achieving the same high standards in other aspects of school life.

Our work is to provide solutions to these wider pressures. Each of our services is dedicated to ensuring that someone in school can concentrate fully on teaching and learning. Whether it is planning for the smooth running of a school journey, providing CPD or managing the school staff, the value of the services we provide far outweigh the cost. For the schools who buy into our services, it is not just about receiving a product.

Instead, it is a way of reclaiming the time and effort to do the most important thing that schools do – teach.

We’ll be travelling up and down the country to talk all about this topic and much more over the next few months. Book on to a roadshow near you today.

Stephen Leatherdale

Stephen Leatherdale

Stephen Leatherdale is a Customer Success Team Leader for Juniper Education. Stephen has worked in the education industry for 25 years and has experience in teaching and leadership in primary schools.