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There is an adage which resurfaces every once in a while which goes along the lines of “If you think education is expensive try ignorance”, something most us would agree is true.

Right now, school training budgets are tight, staff workload is a genuine issue and a canny budget holder also has to factor in retention and recruitment when deciding what courses to run.

There is no question that good schools provide quality CPD but balancing the benefits to the school, the individual member of staff and the tightness on the purse strings means that any training bought has to provide impact and value for money for all concerned.

Juniper Education has a long history of providing exactly that kind of training. Our Target Tracker programme is the leading school assessment software and requires new users to undertake some training. This training boosts staff confidence and their ability to use and interrogate data in Target Tracker which, in turn, has a real impact on teaching and learning and so school performance.

To supplement and support the initial training Target Tracker also provides their users with a wide range of support materials with guides, help sheets and a helpline that is second to none. Many schools have been so impressed by the initial training that they request follow-up courses to “move us on to the next level”.  Such courses include Data Analysis – Preparing your Data for Ofsted and bespoke training.  Feedback shows a massively positive response from course delegates who feel that they are able to do more, save time and become more effective.

The best investment we ever made was for a full day training package for the middle leaders in my school. They left the session feeling empowered, confident and excited to really get to grips with all that Target Tracker can offer.

Charley Oldham | HeadteacherCogenhoe Primary in Northamptonshire

It is not just the initial training that schools find so powerful but the ongoing support. Charley adds “…the helpline has been on speed dial for many of our staff members. Every issue and problem has been resolved and the staff at Target Tracker go above and beyond to assist you in any way that they can.”

So, if you think training is expensive…

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Robin Hughes

Robin Hughes

An educationalist with more than 40 years of experience, Robin has taught, lead, advised and supported schools, teachers and policy makers in the UK and internationally. An acknowledged expert in assessment he is now an adviser for Target Tracker within Juniper Education.