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Remember, Remember the 5th of November!

By 6 November, 2019April 17th, 2020No Comments

This half term, our daughter has been revising for her mocks and I’ve spent the time considering ways to support her. However, it has occurred to me that my top tips for revision below are equally appropriate for schools.

Many of the recent Ofsted reports have focused on how pupils remember over time and early feedback suggests that this is also a focus in ‘deep dives’.

So, my top tips for helping pupils to remember are:

  1. Automaticity – be really clear on which knowledge pupils ‘need to know’ and make sure they know it using the strategies below. This will release space in pupils’ working memory to solve harder problems.
  2. Trigger words – do pupils know what you mean when you ask them to ‘describe’, ‘explain’, ‘evaluate’?
  3. Duel coding – link a picture to the key ideas; we remember the image and associate it with the concept.
  4. Knowledge organisers – ask pupils to record what they have learnt in their own way. Include key vocabulary, boxes, different colours.
  5. Start early – plan to remember from the start of each unit. Ensure the teaching sequence supports remembering.
  6. ‘Check its’ – revisit key facts when working on other things – struggling to remember helps secure facts in long term memory.
  7. Chunk work – seven separate pieces of information ‘N E J R I P U’ or one linked piece of information ‘J U N I P E R’ which is easier to remember? Link new learning to prior learning.

If you would like any support with developing a curriculum to remember, please contact or click here for more information

Jane Downes

Jane Downes

Jane Downes is a Teaching and Learning Adviser with over 30 years’ experience in primary education. She has taught pupils across the primary range and was nominated for teacher of the year. She is a moderation manager for KS1 and KS2 and is an accredited LCI consultant. She is a former DSTL for the standards and testing agency and former Ofqual subject expert. She has published materials with the Primary National Strategy, Mantle of the Expert and the Basic Skills Agency.