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We know how useful schools have found the Juniper Benchmark Analysis reports which we have emailed to our customers. Being able to see how your pupils’ attainment compares to the national picture has supported our customers in identifying cohorts and groups of pupils who need that extra targeted support.

The Juniper National Dataset contains anonymous attainment data for almost one and a half million pupils in over 6,000 primary schools. We now have three datapoints in the dataset, Autumn 2019, Autumn 2020 and Spring 2021. The dataset includes the attainment not just of cohorts of pupils but also key groups including gender, SEN and pupil premium.

We have also made the dataset available for all schools (not just our customers) through the National Dataset Juniper Analysis Tool.

Building on this success, we are now pleased to offer our customers the Juniper Education National Benchmark Progress Analysis report. This new format report focuses on how attainment for pupils from the same starting point changes over time.

For instance, here’s how, for a school, attainment changes between Autumn 2019 and Autumn 2020, for year 5 in reading:

Benchmark data

Looking at the ‘Above’ row it can be seen that 76 pupils were working above age related expectations (ARE) for the school and 36729 across the National Dataset in Autumn 2019.

In the same row, by Autumn 2020, 22.4% of pupils in the school were still working above ARE, compared to 62.8% nationally.

This suggests that the school did worse than nationally in terms of maintaining above ARE attainment – nationally 62.8% of pupils maintained above, while 22.4% in the school did.

However, considering pupils who started at and above ARE, the school has done better than nationally in maintaining attainment – nationally 83.5% of pupils maintained at and above, while 87.8% in the school did.

We know schools are working incredibly hard to ensure the outcomes for their pupils. Part of that is being really clear on what appropriate expectations are. We believe this National Benchmark Progress Analysis gives clear information on how pupil attainment changes over time allowing schools to judge their own performance and identify groups of pupils who will benefit from targeted support.

If you’d like to learn more and order your report please click here or to find out more about Juniper’s pupil progress tracker please click here

Stephan Nicholls

Stephan Nicholls

Stephan Nicholls has worked in education for over 30 years including in leadership positions and as a Headteacher. He is now an Education Adviser, mainly for Target Tracker, but also as computing subject lead and a key stage moderator.