Continued Concern

As we welcome pupils back into school after such a long period of home study there is continued concern in schools ensuring they are compliant with the requirements in keeping staff and children safe.

I have lost count on how many times the guidance has been updated since the outbreak of Covid-19, and how many times I have read the updates to ensure I could pick out the key points, it all becomes a blur.

I have seen many questions in forums from school leaders who have returned to school in September trying to do their very best to follow the guidance but are not always clear if their newly developed policies are adequate, the advise from others in the forum are different ends of the spectrum, each reading and understanding the guidance in a different way.  How can this happen? It would make sense to give guidance that is very clear without any grey area, well the guidance followed last week has changed again, yes you did read that correctly.

Government Guidance Updates

There has been new updates in the Government guidance. The new updates are dated 7th September 2020 and below is the list of topics that have been updated.

It is important that the key people within the school are up to speed with the updates and the guidance as a whole as the Health and Safety Executive have announced spot checks in schools – further information on this below..

  • managing confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) amongst the school community
  • the framework for supporting transport to and from schools
  • pupils who are shielding or self-isolating
  • use of face coverings in schools
  • actions for all schools and local authorities with regards to recording attendance and absence
  • employer health and safety and equalities duties
  • support available for schools with regard to supply teachers
  • performance management and appraisal for teachers
  • music, dance and drama in school
  • wraparound provision and extra-curricular activity
  • physical activity in schools
  • new resources available for pupil wellbeing and support
  • behaviour expectations
  • primary assessment
  • additional resources available for delivering remote education
  • changes to SEND legislation

Ensuring Safe Return to School

The HSE published an E-bulletin on 4th September advising school duty holders they have an important role to play to ensure the risks of Covid-19 transmission is adequately controlled in line with government guidance.

They stated in the bulletin that they will be conducting spot checks on schools.

The spot checks will take the form of an initial phone call to evaluate the duty holders knowledge and awareness of the relevant government guidance and that the measures have been taken for reopening to minimise spread of the virus.

Inspectors will check that the school has carried out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment and put in place measures to make the school Covid-secure in line with the latest government guidance (some sections of the guidance have been updated again on 7th September 2020 – these topics are outlined below)

Where the initial call raises concerns about a school’s approach, the school may get a visit from an inspector.

Spot checks are already underway in Scotland as of 11th August 2020 and initial calls to schools in England and Wales are expected to commence from 7th September 2020.

Our Recommendations

It would be useful as a school to double check your policy and procedures, ensure all staff are aware of the updates and conduct a Health and Safety audit.

If you feel you would benefit from some support with this contact our Regulatory Services Department who will be able to guide you.

Beverley Jones-Leka

Beverley Jones-Leka

Beverley, Director of Regulatory Services, has been working in the education sector for 18 years leading on projects to engage those individuals who are deemed “hard to reach”. Before joining Juniper Education she was Head of an Independent school, lead for Health and Safety and Safeguarding, a member of the strategic planning board sub committee and project manager on ESIF funded provision on the Pre NEET delivery.