Catalyst Risk

With up to 250,000 people in post at any one time, school governors are the largest body of volunteers in this country. As volunteers, and with an ever-changing national context, it is sometimes difficult to keep up to date with everything you need to know.

Our experienced team of governance professionals is available to provide specialist advice and guidance to support your governing body. We provide both in-school support and a readily available advice and guidance service to enable your governing body to carry out its duties effectively.

Our team of over 80 experienced governance professionals has a wealth of knowledge and experience of best practice in school governance. We are on-hand to help you with technical governance queries, advise on procedure, provide mechanisms for ensuring statutory compliance, and to support the effective delivery of your governing body meetings.


Our experts will help you navigate, understand and manage risk, compliance and assurance in your school or trust. We have all the training, guidance and policy advice you will ever need, all backed up by our experts’ deep understanding and experience. Allowing you to focus elsewhere.

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