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New Management Style

We will shortly see schools re-opening after an extended, unplanned period of closure. When? Right now nobody is certain and the graffito “If you are not confused you don’t understand the situation” seems apt.

That muscular management style of one big decision to direct everything won’t work. We are in a period of Logical Incrementalism which is the only sensible response because of factors beyond normal planning controls.

Logical Incrementalism – A management philosophy which states that strategies do not come into existence based on a one time decision but rather, it exists through making small decisions that is evaluated periodically. These small decisions are not made randomly but logically through experimentation and learning. Business Dictionary, 2020. 

Teacher thinking about what to teach

The Big Question

Many schools have remained open for some but will that model hold when the numbers of children present increase? I don’t know – nobody does.

One of the big questions for a logical incrementalist approach is – What should I teach?

Flexibility and a Change in Thinking

Finding a model which will allow us to manage now requires flexibility and a change in thinking. If we mistakenly think we do not have to adapt what and how we teach then prepare for a rude awakening. We cannot return with a condensed diet of catch-up and testing.

I’m looking forward to a thematic approach which is fun, encourages engagement, enjoyable and helps children to get back into learning while focusing on the key elements of the curriculum. Schools cannot cover everything – time has been lost.

My colleagues have prepared a package of advice, curriculum materials, easy assessment and CPD to help schools now. I’m keeping my eye on what happens in Europe as schools start return. If we don’t learn from other’s mistakes we’ll have to learn from our own.

Robin Hughes

Robin Hughes

An educationalist with more than 40 years of experience, Robin has taught, lead, advised and supported schools, teachers and policy makers in the UK and internationally. An acknowledged expert in assessment he is now an adviser for Target Tracker within Juniper Education.

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