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Story Sack Loans

Develop and improve pupil reading skills, through our multi-sensory story sacks. They are packed with resources to encourage a life-long love of reading. Engage your KS1 pupils and help them to develop a love of reading, with our Story Sack Loans which offer a multi-sensory approach to storytelling. Story Sacks bring each storybook to life, with a related non-fiction book, a variety of interactive toys and games, a list of content notes and teacher guidance notes.

Our story sacks provide pupils with the opportunity to:

  • Listen to and enjoy stories in a new way
  • Develop their vocabulary by talking about the story and objects
  • Learn about different cultures
  • Be excited by books
  • Develop a love of reading

We have 25 different stories available as story sacks and have recently expanded our collection to include “Mad about Dinosaurs”, “Ten Little Pirates”, “Under the Sea” and “Zoo Animals”. You can view the full collection below.

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