Encouraging Pupils In Years 5 and 6 to read widely and for pleasure

Teachers are required by the National Curriculum to ensure children read for pleasure and encounter a wide range of genres and text types.

Having the resources, book knowledge and time to tempt and encourage children to read, however, can be a challenge.

Welcome to the Reading Road Map

discover authors

Helping teachers and children discover authors and titles that they may not otherwise encounter

reading for pleasure

Promoting a reading for pleasure culture in school

wider reading choices

Encouraging wider reading choices

reluctant readers

Engaging reluctant readers

Challenging more-able readers

Challenging more-able readers

What is the Reading Road Map?

The reading challenge is based on a map of an area featuring roads that children will be familiar with.

Each road represents a genre: Adventure; Classics; Crime; Fantasy & Sci-FI; Graphic Novels; Horror; Humour; Poetry; Sport and Non-Fiction.Children are encouraged to travel the roads reading a range of titles selected from the 60 books. Each title is marked with a green, yellow or red dot indicating the level of challenge meaning it is accessible to all abilities.

As books are completed pupils are awarded stickers and work towards receiving certificates to reward their reading journey.

An easy to run challenge with proven impact

All resources you need to run the challenge in school are included, meaning that it’s easy to administer within a class or year group bubble. You choose the best way for your setting.

The 60 titles are all recently published (other than the classics) introducing teachers and children to authors and titles that they may not otherwise encounter. They can be added to classroom book corners or the school library expanding the breadth of choice beyond the challenge.

“The Reading Road Map is a rich resource for schools committed to developing children’s reading for pleasure. The carefully selected books are high quality, reflect a wide range, are well curated within the Maps, targeted appropriately at different age groups and have the potential to engage and motivate young readers. The initiative offers schools significant support, potentially introducing both teachers and children to contemporary children’s writers and widening their repertoires and desire to read”.

– The UK Reading Road Map, Open University Evaluation, October 2019.

What resources are included?

For £640 you get:

  • A copy of the Reading Road Map for each child in year 5 & 6
  • A copy of each of the 60 books included in the challenge
  • Certificates: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum plus Special Award certificates to reward other reading achievements
  • Stickers (issued each time a child reads a book)
  • Additional sets of books are available at £370 per set

Also available:

  • The Adventure Reading Map (Years 1 and 2)
  • The UK Reading Road Map (Years 3 and 4)

Please contact us for more details and for information about other areas covered.

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