A long-term loan of high-quality and age-appropriate books, which can be swapped twice a year.

Our exchange system allows you to refresh your library or book corners by up to two books for every pupil each year, making our books a fantastic, cost-effective, renewable resource.

  • Titles in our Exchange Collection are selected by experienced librarians to reflect the best in current children’s literature, helping you to provide a broad, diverse and inclusive reading for pleasure collection in school.
  • The Bookbus visits your school making this a convenient and quick way of maintaining an appealing collection of books. If you prefer we can choose books for you saving you even more time.
  • Books come shelf-ready and serviced, with classification numbers, plastic jackets on paperbacks and fiction-category labels to help you and your pupils choose age-appropriate titles.

The focus of our exchange collection is reading for pleasure. For more specific curriculum resources see Termly Loan Boxes.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and the associated costs.

For more information please call 0345 200 8600 or email ers@junipereducation.org