Why choose Juniper Education for Human Resources

We provide an all-inclusive HR support service for schools, designed to cover the full range of education HR issues — from the everyday to the extraordinary.

Our team draws on over 25 years’ experience of providing HR support to schools, day in and day out. As a result, our consultants have a wealth of expertise, understand the issues you face and will have already helped other schools tackle them.

We offer advice and consultancy, a dedicated helpline, model policies and a range of training packages. Subscribers also have access to our online support pages, where they can access downloadable resources including model templates, letters, procedures, policies and toolkits.

Schools that subscribe to our service will be allocated a dedicated consultant, who will work with them to support their staff in making effective HR decisions that are suited to the needs of their establishment.

Access to Comprehensive
Online Resources

Model templates, letters, procedures, policies and toolkits.

Tailored Services

Named HR consultants delivering a personal HR service which can be tailored to your needs.

HR News

Half-termly summary of HR issues and priority actions.

Practical On-Site Support

Including complex case work, restructuring and redundancy, single central record and pre-employment audits and much more.

Expert Advice & Support Materials

Including dedicated email and telephone advice lines and resources covering everything from safer recruitment and contracts to pay and conditions and leave of absence.

Schools that subscribe to our Education HR Service are able to access support materials that cover many areas of school HR administration, including:

  • School pre-employment checks
  • Teacher pay
  • School HR policies
  • Academy HR policies
  • Academy conversion
  • Single central record

Read below for more information about our services.

If you’re interested in subscribing to our services, please contact us on 0345 200 8600 or email educationhr@junipereducation.org

Since I have become a headteacher I have relied on many occasions on the support and guidance of the HR service. It has been incredibly valuable as they have supported the school through disciplinary matters and restructuring and redundancy procedures amongst other areas. We have found their support, guidance and advice to be essential to achieving the best outcome and many thousands of pounds have been saved. Having knowledgeable staff who know our school and setting at the other end of the phone gives us peace of mind.


The quality of advice provided by the HR team has always ensured that legal processes are followed and I am clear on my next steps or actions with regards to a particular issue. Having one person seeing a case through adds to the value of the service; this relationship is vital to the support given.


Education HR Overview

Child Related Absences of School Staff

There any many situations that can lead to child-related absences from your staff, including maternity and paternity, adoption leave, flexible working and shared parental leave.

Here we offer information, example forms, documents and toolkits to help you handle each situation that may arise. We also have information and guidance on pension contributions during authorised unpaid leave, and all the finer details for certain child-related absences.

Employment Contracts for School Staff

School recruitment processes and continued staff management can be an onerous task. In this section we offer templates for all the contract documents you may need to manage new and existing staff. Our exemplary forms and letters include notifications such as change of hours, promotion, apprenticeship agreement, conditional offers, confirmation letters and more.

Discipline and Dismissal of School Staff

This section provides you with a framework to follow, in the event that a disciplinary situation arises. We provide information and advice to help you manage serious cases of misconduct, or for use in instances where informal measures have been unsuccessful in improving employees’ conduct.

We offer a range of guidance material, procedures and correspondence templates, including hearing procedures, appeals, decision-making frameworks, record templates, suspension and alternatives, witness handling, hearing preparation for managers and more.

Grievance Procedure for School Staff

We know that occasionally school employees may wish to raise issues or concerns about their employment. This section provides materials to help you manage this situation.

We provide a grievance procedure framework, an equality workload impact assessment, as well as meeting invitation letter templates and grievance forms for every step in the process.

We also offer guidance and advice to help you with bullying, harassment and victimisation, as well as witness management.

Job Descriptions and Templates for Schools

Recruitment of teachers and school staff can be a time-consuming task. Our range of exemplary job descriptions and person specification templates can help you to manage the task of advertising for all relevant roles within your school.

In this section, we provide model job descriptions for all school administration, management and support roles, including catering staff, early years, finance, learning support, teachers, site staff and more. If the template you need is not already available, our Education HR team will carry out a job evaluation and provide you with a bespoke job description template that suits your needs.

Leave of Absence Management for Schools

There are many different reasons a school employee may request a leave of absence, such as secondment, sabbatical or personal leave. This section provides guidance on different types of leave, how you can manage such requests and example letters or forms that you can use.

We also offer leave of absence refresher training, which is a course designed to help school administrators understand the different types of leave and the relevant processes.

Other Guidance and HR Assistance

The Juniper Education for Schools Education HR team is here to help you manage a range of circumstances and situations that your school may not be prepared for. In this section we offer guidance and HR assistance on a range of issues, including:

  • Complaints procedure
  • Clerking / HR personnel hearings
  • Industrial Action
  • Fixed Term Appointments
  • TUPE Transfer Guidance
  • Flexible Working
  • SET Child Protection Procedures
  • Whistleblowing Policy

Pay and Conditions

In this section, you’ll have access to model pay policies for schools and academies. We provide all the materials and templates to help you manage your staff pay. This includes letter templates, example frameworks for determining teachers’ pay, sick pay entitlement and guidance on a range of procedures.

This section also includes a salary calculator to help you determine salaries, hourly rates and term time pay, as well as additional information regarding cycle-to-work schemes, pay appeals and continuous service guidance.

Pension Automatic Enrollment

This section contains information relating to the requirements of the Pensions Act 2008, which requires all employers to continually monitor their workforce and take certain actions at specified times. This is in addition to the separate regulations governing the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) and the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS).

You can access information on automatic pension enrolment for schools and academies here, as well as an explanation of the three types of workers that qualify for automatic pension enrolment. This section also includes letter templates to use when communicating to employees about changes to their pension scheme or how automatic enrolment affects them.

School Staff Performance & Capability

In this section, we cover HR capability procedure and HR performance management for schools and academies. Our toolkit includes all of the resources you need to assess and manage staff performance, including checklists, example HR letters and more.

All of our material is consistent with Regulations and the DfE model procedure, but has been adapted to suit all categories of staff.

Policy Publication Schedule

In this section, you’ll find model HR policies, procedures and guidance for academies and schools. We have a range of templates for HR procedures that are required by law, as well as policies which are recommended for best practice.

Our templates are kept up-to-date with the latest HR procedures. We have a comprehensive library of material, including agency workers regulations, code of conduct, discipline and dismissal, flexible working, pay policy, leave of absence guidance, recruitment policies and many more.

Pre-Employment Checks for School Staff & Single Central Record (SCR)

You should undertake and retain a record of pre-employment checks for all directly employed staff, agency staff, governors and third-party employees.

This section includes model documents that you can use to undertake pre-employment checks, and information on how to store them in a Single Central Record.

Recruitment Procedure, Policies and Forms

It is the responsibility of the Headteacher and their senior managers to ensure that all correct procedures are followed during the recruitment process.

This section includes a recruitment policy guide to follow, as well as model letters and forms that cover applications for schools, privacy notices and applications for MAT/Academies. We also provide further information regarding apprenticeships, probation, leavers, volunteers and more.

Redundancy and Restructuring

Staffing costs account for the highest proportion of a school’s budget spend (80-85%). Effective schools allocate these resources efficiently, prioritising spending on staffing that facilitates the best outcomes for pupils and the most cost-effective support services. In the event that your staffing budget is not sustainable, steps will need to be taken in order to manage the situation.

In this section, you’ll find detailed guidance on redundancies and restructurings. We offer redundancy and restructuring procedure guides, information on school closures and courses covering how to handle redundancies and restructurings, which are aimed at Headteachers and Business Managers.

Staff Sickness and Absence

Why choose Juniper Education for Human Resources

The impact of both short and long-term staff sickness on schools cannot be overestimated.

In this section, you’ll find model guides to help you manage staff sickness absence, as well as guidance on FIT notes, hearings and sick pay entitlements.

Should you require example forms and letters, we can provide these to cover both short and long-term staff sickness absences on request.


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