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In-school and helpline assistance

Our Education Finance Support team offer complete financial management support for schools. We provide in-school and helpline assistance with all finance-related tasks, including the budgeting and forward-planning of school finances, recruitment of finance personnel, establishment of financial controls and more.

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Over 25 years experience

We aim to empower your school or academy to effectively and efficiently manage your financial resources. We do this by helping you to enhance your standards of financial management, and to maximise your available funds.

With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, our team of highly-acclaimed financial management specialists provide proven recommendations to help your establishment excel. We understand the financial constraints that schools and academies operate within, and can support you in a number of ways.


Financial Management Support Subscription

Tap into our financial management expertise with our essential support subscription, delivering advice and support on all day-to-day and strategic financial tasks, through on-site visits and via our helpline.


Internal Controls Evaluation (ICE)

We can conduct an independent review of financial controls in your school or academy, and provide a formal report for your governing body — including recommendations.


Finance Staffing and Recruitment

Great financial management comes with finding and retaining great staff. We can support you with the recruitment of finance personnel at all levels, and offer finance supply cover for short and long-term vacancies.


Financial Information Network Sessions (FINS)

Keep up-to-date with developments in the education finance industry, with our dedicated sessions for school & academy finance staff.



We offer a wide selection of school finance training courses, designed to address current issues and developments in school and academy finance. There are courses available to suit school finance staff at all levels, headteachers, senior leaders and governors.

Additional Services

  • Advice on School Finances: Up-to-date education finance information and financial advice to cover areas such as school budget preparation, forward planning and more
  • Financial Management Governance Self-evaluation (FMGS): assistance with the completion of the template

To find out more about how we can help you, call our advice line on 0345 200 8600 or email us at

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