Every Wednesday

Starting back on the 1st April, we have been and will continue to offer a full day of webinar drop-in sessions.

Every week, we host eight 30 minute sessions  from 09:30 – 17:00, covering all topics of Target Tracker.

These webinars are free and available to all.

Specialist Support

Live Chat Support

Our expert Education Advisers for Target Tracker lead the webinar sessions and a member of our specialist support team for Target Tracker monitor and manage the live chat during the webinars to answer any questions relating to the session.

There is also time at the end of each session to ask any questions you may have.

Topics for Everyone

The weeks alternate topics:

Week 1 focuses on reporting and Target Tracker Basics including topics such as:

  • Measuring progress
  • Age related expectations
  • User tests – entering and analysing

Week 2 focuses on EYFS including topics such as:

  • EYFS progress and attainment reports
  • The reception to year 1 transition
  • EYFS reporting to parents

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Robin Hughes

Robin Hughes

An educationalist with more than 40 years of experience, Robin has taught, lead, advised and supported schools, teachers and policy makers in the UK and internationally. An acknowledged expert in assessment he is now an adviser for Target Tracker within Juniper Education.