Welcome to the school trip from hell

Maybe it’s the bloodstained man who tries to stop their coach, or the fact no one is around at the activity centre when Lance and the rest of his class arrive for their school trip, but something is definitely not right at Crater Lake!

Scary horror story. Whatever you do don’t fall asleep……

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Education Resources Service

Great read loved the scary start. Allison King ERS

Mrs Hales Moulsham

I loved this book! What a fantastic combination of friendship, suspense and adventure. And an amazing amount of humour! I laughed out loud and really enjoyed this book. It reminded me of a 1980s B-movie, in a very good way!

austin k KEGS

I thought this book was really funny and loved the story line. I liked the way it gripped me right from the start. I’d give this book 10/10 and recommend it to anyone.