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Improving your school’s pupil premium strategy

Tackling the disadvantage gap has been made more difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic and school closures are likely to widen the disadvantage gap further still. It is crucial to make sure that your pupil premium spending is effective by drawing on the best available research and your professional knowledge of the children in your school. The review will consider:

financial health check
Examination of PPG through the school website.
examination of data
Examination of key data and a discussion about its implications.
ICT system security
Online discussions with key members of staff and governors.
single central record
Review of evidence sent by the school including responses to the self-evaluation document.
positive leadership
How leadership and management impacts positively on pupils in receipt of PPG.
pupil assessment
The positive impact on parents and carers through the use of the PPG.

Actions our advisers will take

Discussion about possible next steps.
Brief report providing adequate evidence for external scrutiny.
Follow-up session 4 weeks later to review impact at no additional cost.

Book a Pupil Premium Grant review.

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