Drive school improvement with effective Headteacher performance review.

We are delighted to be able to offer experienced Leadership Advisers to work with your Governing Body.

Our advisers have the skills and knowledge to support rigorous Headteacher performance management, ensure headteacher development and contribute to improving outcomes for pupils in your school in line with your school improvement plan.

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Our advisers ensure a robust headteacher review process

Our external adviser service provides high quality advice and support for the headteacher performance management process, enabling your Governing Bodies to fulfil statutory requirements in relation to Headteacher performance management. To support the process we offer:

pupil assessment
Appropriate documentation for recording the review process and objective setting
guidance and advice
Guidance and advice to the appointed governors in exploring a range of evidence so that judgements made regarding the progress towards objectives set are formed objectively
ICT system security
A meeting with the Headteacher to discuss evidence and their view of performance against the objectives and overall performance during the last year
A meeting with the review panel to discuss governors views, the evidence presented and to provide advice on objectives for the coming year.
positive leadership
A review of performance with the panel and headteacher to reach a judgement against objectives and the Head’s overall performance
workforce and resourcing strategy review
Advice and support for setting appropriate objectives for the coming year, with clear success criteria and measurable milestones for evaluating progress
single central record
The external adviser will draft the performance review statement for the governors
professional development
Advice on relevant professional development

We strive to ensure that the Performance Review is a valuable process for all parties, supporting governors to ensure that objectives set contribute effectively to the drive of school improvement and also supports the professional development of the Headteacher, so that they are well equipped to lead the school forward.

Reviews completed remotely for your convenience

All advice and support is delivered remotely at a suitable time for you to ensure Headteacher performance management can be undertaken throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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