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Resources for Teachers

These projects were developed during the first lockdown and are designed to be adapted for use in school with your children who are vulnerable or whose parents are critical to the COVID-19 response and for children learning at home. Now that schools are familiar with delivering remote learning, you might want to dip into them once again to support your planning.

Because the projects were developed during the spring and summer of 2020, some of the links may no longer work as they point to resources that were free or available at the time.

Home Learning Packs

Our Home Learning Packs for Teachers have been written by teachers, for teachers. Each one provides you with activity ideas as starting points for planning for two weeks of learning. The resources are linked to the Early Learning Goals and Primary National Curriculum Subject Content which means you can continue to track your pupils’ progress through their subjects and focus on gaps in learning caused by school closures during the spring and summer of 2020.

Home Learning Collection

Our Home Learning Collection is designed to support pupils’ learning through lockdown and periods of self-isolation. We have two sets of resources – one for parents and carers and one for children. Both will help to support children with their academic and wider learning.

The resources are different to anything else in the market because they’re downloadable on mobile devices or available online through any web browser. They let pupils and parents direct their own learning in short, frequent study periods through an engaging and media-rich platform which makes  learning as interesting and engaging as possible.

They also enable you and your staff to track pupils’ progress through their learning so you can see how they are getting on.

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Juniper Reading Challenge

This six-book challenge is designed to keep children KS1 – KS2 reading at home, to engage parents with their child’s reading and to make choosing a book a little bit easier.

Help And Support For Children, Young People, Parents And Families

Lockdown can be tough. We’re not used to being confined with the same people all the time. Relationships can strain. Children and young people’s behaviour can be challenging. It can be difficult to know how to have conversations about the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This page has links to resources that can help you, whether it’s a story to help explain what’s happening, advice about particular issues or a helpline for times of crisis. There is a wealth of help available to support you.

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