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“High-quality teaching should reduce the need for extra support, but it is likely that some pupils will require high quality, structured, targeted interventions to make progress … carefully targeted through identification and assessment of need.”

EEF, 2020


  • How are we planning for and providing high quality, structured, targeted interventions to carefully identified pupils?
  • Are intervention sessions short, regular and time-limited?
  • Are interventions or tutoring delivered by well-trained staff?
  • Are interventions or tutoring focused on specific identified needs?
  • Are connections between the out-of-class learning in the interventions or tutor sessions and classroom teaching clear?

How Can Juniper Help?

Interventions Training: Our Expert Teaching and Learning Advisers can train your staff in the following interventions:

  • Talking Partners
  • Write Away Together
  • FFT Wave 3 Literacy
  • Inference Training
  • Boosting Reading Potential
  • Supporting Struggling Learners with Phonics
  • Effective TA Support Reading and Writing
  • Effective TA Support for Maths

Teaching Assistant Review: Our experienced Education Advisers can review your Teaching Assistant deployment to make sure that they are employed as efficiently as possible and are having the greatest possible impact on improving pupils’ outcomes. The review can be delivered in-school or remotely using Microsoft Teams.

Lexplore Analytics: Lexplore Analytics is a unique AI reading assessment, which uses eye tracking and machine learning technology to offer a new insight into reading. The assessment is simple and effective and takes just 2 to 5 minutes per child. It is assured by British Dyslexia Association.

For more information, and to book a conversation or review, contact Jack Mackain-Bremner in our Teaching and Learning team to discuss your requirements.

Telephone: 0345 646 0516 or email: