Diagnostic Assessment

Covid-19 Recovery Premium

Diagnostic Assessments

“Setting aside time to enable teachers to assess pupils’ wellbeing and learning needs is likely to make it easier for teachers and other school staff to provide effective support.”

EEF, 2020


  • How are we evaluating whether our pupils are ready to learn?
  • What assessment tools will give us the best diagnostic information about our pupils’ readiness to learn, for example ‘soft assessments’ such as learning conversations?
  • How will we monitor and respond to any issues or changes?
  • How are we identifying gaps in learning for all of our pupils?
  • What assessment tasks will give us the best diagnostic information about what learning has been lost or misunderstood, for example short, sharp, focused assessment tasks or learning conversations around the most important aspects of the curriculum?
  • What is the right balance between standardised assessments and classroom-based diagnostic assessments and how will we sequence them throughout the year?

Watch our webinar recordings to hear what our experts say

Our specialists hosted two webinars where they considered strategies to help schools identify gaps in learning that may have arisen as a result of the pandemic, looking at approaches to assessment that give the best diagnostic information. Also, why a focus on curriculum and teaching needs to be at the heart of your school’s COVID-19 catch-up strategy. Watch the recordings below.

Curriculum and Teaching – Why you should make this the focus for your COVID-19 catch-up premium

Approaches to diagnostic assessment to identify lost learning and close the gaps

How Can Juniper Help?

Resources to Support the Identification of Gaps in Reading, Writing and Maths for Years 1-6: Our ‘Purple Grids’ provide a clear and simple solution to identify quickly gaps in learning. They enable teachers to focus on accelerating pupils’ learning and are a vital component of your school’s recovery plan. The questions they include are designed to support ‘soft’ assessment conversations so that teachers and teaching assistants can identify gaps in learning alongside evaluating pupils’ wellbeing and their readiness to learn.

Moderation and Standardisation: Our specialist Assessment Adviser is a trained KS1 and KS2 moderation manager who provides high quality training and support to ensure that your end-of-key-stage and within-key-stage judgements are accurate across the school and in all subjects. We also provide training and support on statutory assessment responsibilities to ensure that your school is in compliance with requirements, for example:

  • School Assessment Leaders Updates (Termly)
  • New to Year 2: Preparing for Key Stage 1 Tests and Teacher Assessments
  • New to Year 6: Preparing for Key Stage 1 Tests and Teacher Assessments
  • Preparing for End of Key Stage 1 Tests and Teacher Assessments for Experienced Teachers
  • Preparing for End of Key Stage 2 Tests and Teacher Assessments for Experienced Teachers

Support for Assessment for Learning Strategies: Our experienced Teaching and Learning Advisers can support your teaching staff with remote or in-class support to enhance their expertise in AfL strategies.

Juniper’s Mobile Professional Development Collection: is a set of over 100 staff development courses for education professionals, designed for on-demand, convenient training. Available offline via the Juniper mobile app or online via the web portal, The Collection Pathways are a cost-effective way of ensuring everyone from trainee teachers to school leaders can access expert training all year long.

  • Teaching and Learning: Primary – 100+ Guided Learning Hours of Professional Development for £100 per teacher per year.
  • Staff and Pupil Wellbeing – 35+ Guided Learning Hours of Professional Development for £50 per teacher per year.
  • Teaching Assistant Development Programme: audits TAs skills and aspirations, then recommends the best courses from the CPD Library to help them develop. £50 per TA per year.

Learning by Questions: Our partner LbQ is a multi-award winning classroom app filled with curriculum-aligned question sets and immediate feedback to support learning. It reduces workload through automatic marking and instant insight for effective interventions.

Pupil Tracking: Our trackers provide you with meaningful assessment data to support improved pupil outcomes. Find out more by visiting their websites:

For more information, and to book a conversation or review, contact our Teaching and Learning team to discuss your requirements.

Telephone: 0345 646 0516 or email: training@junipereducation.org