Covid-19 Recovery Premium


“Close engagement during this challenging time is clearly crucial to ensure that pupils are supported to learn and thrive, and that parents are able to provide this support without the expectation that they fulfil the role of teacher.”

EEF, 2020


  • How are we ensuring effective communication with parents?
  • How are we helping parents to support their children’s learning?

Watch our webinar recordings to hear what our experts say

Our specialists hosted two webinars where they considered strategies to help schools identify gaps in learning that may have arisen as a result of the pandemic, looking at approaches to assessment that give the best diagnostic information. Also, why a focus on curriculum and teaching needs to be at the heart of your school’s COVID-19 catch-up strategy. Watch the recordings below.

Curriculum and Teaching – Why you should make this the focus for your COVID-19 catch-up premium

Approaches to diagnostic assessment to identify lost learning and close the gaps

How Can Juniper Help?

Resources: we don’t need to tell you how important parents are in supporting pupils’ wellbeing. Providing resources that parents can use at home serves two purposes – supporting pupils’ learning and opening-up conversations.

  • Juniper Book Award: Designed to inspire reading for pleasure, The Juniper Book Awards are open to all primary schools (Years 5 and 6) and secondary schools (Years 7 to 9). Pupils are invited to read six shortlisted books and judge which one they consider to be the best.
  • Reading Road Map: The Reading Road Map in an initiative that has been created to help encourage children to develop a new passion for reading. It is a tool for children, parents and educators to recommend different up to date books, authors and genres.
  • Juniper’s Mobile Home Learning Collection: is a set of over 100 resources for parents and carers of primary-age and secondary-age children and young people which aim to build stronger home-school links by supporting academic learning and personal development. Available offline via the Juniper mobile app or online via the web portal, The Home Learning Collection is a cost-effective way of ensuring children have access to high quality learning resources.
    • Home Learning: Primary – 100+ Guided Learning Hours of Home Learning Resources for £100 per pupil per year.
    • Home Learning: Secondary – 100+ Guided Learning Hours of Home Learning Resources for £100 per student per year.
  • Phonics for Parents: This resource is designed for parents and guides them through the basics of phonics including terminology, progression and reading with their child. You can use it for a parent meeting or send it to parents for use at home. Phonics for Parents is a companion piece to Juniper Education’s Professional Development Meeting on Teaching Phonics.

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