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Classroom Monitor have shared their recommendations on how to continue to track pupil progress during COVID-19.

“For teachers, the current pandemic and associated disruption to education is presenting significant challenges. Everyone is operating in an uncertain environment with no knowledge of when and how schools will return to normal. Teachers are concerned for not only the educational disruption that all our pupils are facing but also for the wider personal challenges that at least some will be dealing with. In helping you to bridge the potential COVID-19 learning gaps, Classroom Monitor can be a vital tool.”

Tanya ParkerEducation and Assessment Expert
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Maze Education

Has the world of pupil data ground to a halt? Chris Toyne explains the need for pupil data despite national curriculum assessments not taking place this year.

“If we look at any industry or workplace in the world, they use data to improve ... Why should education be any different? So long as the focus of the data is to improve pupil outcomes and life chances and to balance or improve teacher workload, then that is a good thing.”

Chris ToyneMaze Education
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Watch OTrack’s webinar to find out more about to track learning outcomes when marking home learning tasks.

“By engaging pupils in their learning, giving teachers the tools to teach and collecting data on pupils’ home learning, schools can prepare pupils for a successful return to class.”

Tom ParkinsonDirector of Tracking Software
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Target Tracker

Target Tracker Bite-Size Webinars

Throughout the day we’ll be hosting a free series of short training webinars on various aspects of Target Tracker. Each session will focus on how Target Tracker can support teachers in their role.

Register for as many individual sessions as you like and feel free to drop in and out as needed.

Feedback from our Webinars

A huge thank you from me to Stephan and Robin for an amazingly informative day. Also thanks to the brilliant support team on chat. Fantastic day and will be expressed to S.L.T. and colleagues

Wow what a great and informative training session. Thanks guys I shall recommend colleagues to join.


Thank you so much for all the useful information you have shared today! As a new user to TT I feel much more confident going forward. Thank you very much! 🙂


I've been with you guys all day and have really enjoyed the different sessions. I feel enlightened! Thank you.


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At Juniper, we have the knowledge & experience from the expert teams at Target Tracker, OTrack, Classroom Monitor & Pupil Asset.

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The online session is an hour long and will cover the new EYFS framework & how Target Tracker can help!
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Using Age Related Assessment as a focus, Target Tracker can help identify and create groups who need support as pupils return to school. There's a guide for the ARE Summary Report - log-in and find it here:

To help schools bridge the gap between Development Matters and the National Curriculum can be assisted by identifying gaps that remained in Spring 2. Our guides can help you spot the important trends in the reports. Log in and visit

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