As Christmas approaches don’t forget the many great assessment opportunities it offers!

As Christmas approaches and you attempt to teach a class of children all wearing Christmas jumpers, most of which have flashing lights or play music, don’t forget the many opportunities you’ll have to assess how well your pupils can apply their learning…

  • Did the shepherds find their sheep because they could “identify that most living things live in habitats to which they are suited”?
  • Did the wise men “use the eight points of a compass, four and six-figure grid references, symbols and key” to locate the manger?
  • Could the choir “sing as part of an ensemble with confidence and precision”?
  • When pupils make Christmas cards do, they “evaluate [their] work against their intended outcome”?

Anybody who has spent some time in school will have many stories about pupils mishearing and misunderstanding. I remember being buttonholed by a parent on the playground, concerned that Johnny was to play a book in the Christmas Nativity and she had to provide a costume. I was as confused as she was and promised to investigate. After a brief conversation with the class teacher I was able to ring Johnny’s mum back and let her know that he was to be a page!

So, as the term ends and thoughts turn to the December data drop, Autumn 2 pupil progress meetings and planning for the Spring term enjoy your well-deserved break and have a happy New Year.

Stephan Nicholls

Stephan Nicholls

Stephan Nicholls has worked in education for over 30 years including in leadership positions and as a Headteacher. He is now an Education Adviser, mainly for Target Tracker, but also as computing subject lead and a key stage moderator.