Educational links and school partnerships

We provide services for educational links and school partnerships between China and the UK, including the teaching of Mandarin language and Chinese culture.

We believe an education surrounding different cultures and languages provides significant benefits to all students. We believe the importance of developing a global dimension in school and enabling students and teachers to take advantage of international links between China and the UK.

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Key Features and Benefits

International Partnerships and Exchanges

Provide opportunities for schools and educational organisations to develop international partnerships between the UK and China, alongside support on relationship building and joint projects, international exchanges and study visits.

Mandarin Language and Chinese Culture

Support schools with lessons and activities, resources and staffing, curriculum and assessment.

EAL Support

Support for Chinese EAL students (English as an additional language).

Training and Consultancy for Schools and Teachers in China

Access best educational practices and experts, resources and curriculum from the UK, adapting to suit the Chinese context.

Training and Consultancy for Schools and Teachers in the UK

Develop knowledge and skills in teaching Mandarin language and Chinese culture as well as developing effective school links with China.