Top ten tips for maximising your budget

It’s that time of year again where both schools and academies are preparing their new budgets, so here are our top ten tips for maximising your budget:

  1. Review staffing structure
    Effective deployment is the key to sharing the workload.
  2. Bid-led process for curriculum spending
    Encourages your budget holders to really think in advance about what resources they need in order to deliver the curriculum for the next academic year.
  3. Review supplier contracts annually
    Time is money, so let others do the leg work for you, use nationally negotiated deals through  Crown Commercial Service or Crescent Purchasing Consortium
  4. Benchmark costs locally
    Select local comparators, review the results and act on the information shown.
  5. Switch energy suppliers regularly
    Use School Switch or an energy monitoring company such as
  6. Realistic rolling programme of premises maintenance built into AMP
    Use your condition survey to diarise a programme of necessary works, add estimated costings in order to have realistic information to feed into your forward financial plan.
  7. Generate income from lettings
    Consider how your facilities could be used, make sure costs are covered.
  8. Breakfast & After School clubs
    Open new or extend opening times to make them more attractive for working parents; review current pricing structure.
  9. Monitor staff absences
    Look for regular occurrences and include in your performance management meetings. Negotiate with supply agencies or use:
  10. Advertise jobs using free websites
    For Essex Schools Jobs online: Gov.UK have a free website for schools to advertise for teaching staff – register on [email protected]