Teachers’ Pay 2020

Teachers’ Pay & Conditions Document

The Draft School Teachers Pay & Conditions Document (STPCD) was published on 24th July. The changes relate only to Pay:

  • 5.5% increase at the bottom of the Main Pay Range
  • 2.75% increase on the top of the Main Pay Range and the minima and maxima of all other Pay Ranges and Allowances.
  • The introduction of Advisory Pay Points on the Main and Upper Pay Ranges
  • The STPCD continues to provide only minima and maxima values for the Unqualified Teachers, Leadership and Leading Practitioner Pay Ranges.

The Changes

Schools must apply the increases at the minima of all Pay Ranges and Allowances and not exceed the maxima. The Advisory Pay Points for the Main and Upper Pay Ranges are not mandatory, but the DfE encourages schools to use them and there is likely to be considerable pressure from staff and unions to follow the advisory pay structure and values.


The overall effect of this year’s Pay Award is a 3.1% increase to the Pay Bill (3.2% in London).

The real cost will depend on the school’s current Pay Structure and Values. If schools have continued to operate a 6 Point MPR and a 3 Point Upper Pay Range and have applied maximum inflationary increases to all points every year, the move to Advisory Pay Points will be straightforward and will add 3.1% overall to the Pay bill.

If not, the move to Advisory Pay Points may be more complex and the cost may well exceed the 3.1% increase overall.


  • The statutory consultation period runs to mid-September.
  • The TPCD Order is then laid before Parliament for 21 days before being enacted.
  • We expect the final Document in mid-October.

While it is extremely rare for the Document to change during a consultation, schools should not apply the pay changes until the final document is published in October.

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