Teachers’ Pay 2020 – Your Questions Answered

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Do we have to use the new Advisory Pay Points?

No, the pay points and values at Annex 3 of the Teachers’ Pay & Conditions Document (TPCD) 2020 are advisory, not mandatory. As long as you pay at least the minimum value of each pay range and allowances (and do not exceed the maximum), you are free to determine the structure and values above the minimum points. You can choose to move to the Advisory Pay Points at a future date. Staff and Unions are likely to want schools to adopt the Advisory Pay points.

Do we have to apply a 2.75% increase to all pay ranges and allowances ?

No. As above, as long as you pay at least the minimum values of each pay scale and allowance as set out in the Teachers’ Pay & Conditions Document (TPCD) 2020, you can determine your own values above these. Local flexibilities can be used to address local issues such as recruitment and retention and financial constraints. You should act fairly and consistently and have a clear rationale for applying differential awards to different pay ranges and allowances.In order to take into account financial constraints, Finance Officers/ School Business Managers should prepare figures demonstrating the impact of the 2.75% pay increase across all ranges, plus the impact of applying lower percentage increases to enable governors/trustees to make an informed decision.

Do we have to consult on our pay proposals?

Yes, changes to pay mean a change to your Pay Policy and staff and school-based representatives must be consulted prior to Governing/Trust Boards finalising the Policy. Staff and Unions are likely to want schools to adopt the Advisory Pay points.

No. There has been no relaxation of the requirements under TPCD for pay increases (beyond inflationary increases) to be linked to an assessment of performance through the appraisal process. However, schools are expected to take a fair, reasonable and pragmatic approach – ensuring that no one is disadvantaged due to the impact of Covid-19. The effect of this will inevitably be that the vast majority of teachers will progress and it is likely that only where there were significant performance concerns that had been raised prior to Covid-19, would withholding of pay progression be contemplated.

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