Risk & Governance

How governors can monitor during Covid and what they must continue to monitor

The deadline to start teaching the statutory Relationships Education curriculum arrives...
Risk & Governance

When should an Academy Trust consider having a standalone audit committee?

Trusts with an annual income in excess of £50m per year are required to have a separate...
Risk & Governance

Trustees, are you aware of your broadened internal audit responsibilities?

The changes to internal audits. just. Let's talk about risk. Internal audit assurance a...
Finance & Payroll

LA Financial Transparency Consultation

Consultation Background. The DfE launched a Financial Transparency Consultation in July...
Risk & Governance

Thinking About the Future of Virtual Governance

Adapting to New Ways. Virtual Governance. A Mixed Landscape.
Risk & Governance

Thinking about awarding examination results: is there a robust process in place?

Schools are faced with awarding grades to children who were due to sit a public examina...
Risk & Governance

What should be on Your Governing Board Meeting Agenda This Term: Covid Update

Focus on Business-Critical Decisions. Governance cannot be suspended during these uncer...
Risk & Governance

Virtual governor meetings: are you ready for coronavirus?

Companies all over the world have been busy putting emergency incident plans into place...
Risk & Governance

Have you thought about the diversity of your governing board?

School and academy governors are the largest body of volunteers in the country. I rarel...